Marquee Feature:
(+) APEX 4.1 Early AdopterFeatures available in Oracle Application Express 4.1 - Early Adopter 1, Released xx-May-2011
... (+) Application BuilderEnhancements made to the Application Builder
... (+) Charting EngineImprovements made to charting capabilities
... (+) Dynamic ActionsEnhancements to Dynamic Actions
... (-) Improved Error HandlingImprove error handling and user-defined exception processing
...... Error Display Location for ProcessesEA1Application and Page Processes of processing point "On Submit - Before Computation and Validations" and "On Submit - After Computations and Validations" have a new attribute called "Error Message Display Location" which allows developers to select "Inline in Notification" or "On Error Page" as error display location if a process fails. This new setting which defaults to "Inline in Notification" for new processes can be used to specify where a process error message should be displayed. In previous versions of APEX, process error message have always been displayed on the error page. "On Error Page" should be used if a page contains a manually created tabular form (using calls in the SQL statement), because a re-rendering of the page with an inline error would discard changes made by the user. For errors displayed on the "Error Page", the user can use the browser back button to preserve the entered values.
...... Error Handling Function to modify or log errors occurred in an APEX applicationEA1Developers have long sought a way to handle run time errors raised in their Application Express applications. Using the new "Error Handling Function" and attributes on the application and page level, it's now possible to modify or log any error which occurs in an APEX application.
... (+) Interactive ReportsEnhancements to Interactive Reporting
... (+) Item TypesEnhancements to Item Types.
... (+) Other FeaturesOther new features in APEX 4.1
... (+) Plug-InsAdd plug-in support for additional components and enhance plug-in definitions.
... (+) Tabular FormsContinue to expand tabular forms validations.
... (+) Use of ROWIDAllow usage of ROWID for Automatic DML processing by selecting ROWID as the primary key for a table or view when creating forms. The feature will allow developers to create forms and use the default DML processing on tables that do not have a natural primary key, as well as forms on views that do not expose the primary key.
... (+) WebsheetsImproved user interface, new page section types, and enhanced spreadsheet / datagrid integration
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