Marquee Feature:
(+) APEX 4.1 Early AdopterFeatures available in Oracle Application Express 4.1 - Early Adopter 1, Released xx-May-2011
... (+) Application BuilderEnhancements made to the Application Builder
... (+) Charting EngineImprovements made to charting capabilities
... (+) Dynamic ActionsEnhancements to Dynamic Actions
... (+) Improved Error HandlingImprove error handling and user-defined exception processing
... (+) Interactive ReportsEnhancements to Interactive Reporting
... (-) Item TypesEnhancements to Item Types.
...... Dynamic ListsEA1Enhance existing lists in APEX to be based on a SQL Query and PL/SQL function returning SQL query in addition to the existing static lists. This feature will allow developers to dynamically create styled list items for their application, and will be used in our mobile themes, using jQuery Mobile.
...... Intermediate Toolbar for Rich Text EditorEA1Added Intermediate Toolbar option for CKEditor 3+ and FCKEditor 2
...... Provide a substitution string for item labels #CURRENT_ITEM_HELP_TEXT#EA11) What does the feature do? #CURRENT_ITEM_HELP_TEXT# is a new placeholder for label templates which can be used to inline the help text of a page item when a page is rendered. 2) When and where would someone use the feature? If the help text of a page item should be displayed as tooltip when the mouse hovers over the label of a page item, this new placeholder can be used to immediately include the help text on the page when it's rendered without having to perform an expensive AJAX call to get the help text. The help text would be included in a hidden SPAN or DIV and JavaScript code would be used to display it when the mouse hovers over the label of the page item. 3) How would someone use the feature? One of the attributes of a Label Template (Shared Components\Templates) would use the #CURRENT_ITEM_HELP_TEXT# placeholder to include the help text in the rendered page. Example label template Before Label: <label for="#CURRENT_ITEM_NAME#" class="optional"><span class="helpText">#CURRENT_ITEM_HELP_TEXT#</span> After Label: </label> 4) Why would someone use the feature? To avoid expensive AJAX calls to get the help text. Note: This placeholder should only be used if the help text is short! The generated page will always include the help text of all page items independent if the user actually hovers over the label of a page item to displays the help text.
... (+) Other FeaturesOther new features in APEX 4.1
... (+) Plug-InsAdd plug-in support for additional components and enhance plug-in definitions.
... (+) Tabular FormsContinue to expand tabular forms validations.
... (+) Use of ROWIDAllow usage of ROWID for Automatic DML processing by selecting ROWID as the primary key for a table or view when creating forms. The feature will allow developers to create forms and use the default DML processing on tables that do not have a natural primary key, as well as forms on views that do not expose the primary key.
... (+) WebsheetsImproved user interface, new page section types, and enhanced spreadsheet / datagrid integration
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