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(-) Other FeaturesOther new features in APEX 4.1
... Add 'Page Items to Submit' field to region attributesEA1The new attribute "Page Items to Submit" has been added to regions of type IR, Classic Report, Tabular Form and plug-ins having that feature enabled. The values of the specified page items will be submitted with a "Partial Page Refresh" request to set them in session state, so that they can be used in the WHERE clause of the regions SQL statement. A "Partial Page Refresh" can be triggered with the "Refresh" dynamic action, by changing the sorting or by paginating.
... Add missing API APEX_UTIL.REMOVE_USER_GROUPEA2There was previously an API to create a user group, namely APEX_UTIL.CREATE_USER_GROUP. There is now a corresponding API named APEX_UTIL.REMOVE_USER_GROUP.
... Behaviour of Item and Region buttons to be consistentEA1Item based buttons have always offered reduced capability in terms of behaviour compared to region based buttons. Item buttons are now consistent with region buttons in terms of the behaviour available in the 'Action when button clicked' properties. Both item and region based buttons now have more consistent property pages as well.
... Create interface to control if Supporting Objects are included in Application Export.EA2It was entirely not obvious how you control whether or not Supporting Objects were included in an application Export or not. In APEX 4.0, the only way to "flip the bit" for supporting objects was at the actual time of application export. This can now be managed at the Supporting Objects interface and not only on export by setting the Include in Export to Yes on the Supporting Objects page.
... Determine Host URL for insertion into email linksEA1Provide an API to determine the host URL on the system where Application Express is installed. This will allow for creating dynamic links that may be sent by an email process. Provided in apex_util.host_url( p_option ) Options are: NULL - Return URL up to port number (e.g., ) SCRIPT - Return URL to include script name (e.g., ) IMGPRE - Return URL to include image prefix (e.g., )
... Reduce Cluttered User Interface of Translate Application sectionEA2On the Translate Application page of Shared Components (application -> Shared Components -> Translate Application), there were multiple links to different reports to accomplish the same task. These have been reduced and rationalized.
... Refine User Interface of Learn More application (4600)EA1Modernized the user interface of the learn more application linked from the home page and the login page.
... Refine User interface of New Service Sign upEA1Improve look and feel of new service sign up wizard, Request new service link from login page.
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