Marquee Feature: Websheets
(-) WebsheetsImproved user interface, new page section types, and enhanced spreadsheet / datagrid integration
... Add Format mask support in Data Report ColumnsEA2Provide the ability to define BLOB Format masks to columns in Websheet Reports.
... Add an option to not display Reset Password link in login pageEA2For certain applications where users are provided a common username / password you don't want to allow users to reset the password. This option can be used to prevent end users from changing the password. Only Workspace Administrators can reset the password.
... Copy Page EnhancementCurrently Copy Page is confusing to users. When users copy a Websheet page, it doesn't redirect to the new copied page. There isn't any indication saying they are at the old page. Users assume they are on the new copied page when they are not and mess up the original page. This feature makes it easier and more intuitive to copy pages.
... Data Grid QueryEA2Users can include single value and tabular results of Data Grid queries within page sections using the SQLVALUE or SQL syntax. The SQLVALUE tag will display the first column of the first row returned by the SQL query. This allows embeding Data Grid data within a sentence. To tabular results, use the SQL tag. See Websheet Help - SQL Generator for Data Grids for more details.
... Improve styling of websheet data gridsEA2Improve the display of data grids to be cleaner and automatically change the mouse cursor to a pointer when over an enterable field.
... Include Reset Password and Forgot PasswordEA2For APEX Authentication on Websheets selecting Change Password allow entry of username and email address. A new password is then generated and mailed to the user. There is no way for a user to change this password to something they will remember. The new password has been changed to hide email address and instead list Existing Password, New Password, and Repeat New Password, with a link at the bottom of page "Forgot Password" Pressing Reset Password will reset the password to the new values entered. On pressing "Forgot Password" the three password fields will be hidden and email address displayed and existing email notification used.
... PL/SQL section typeAdd support to create a page section of type PL/SQL block. This will allow users with PL/SQL knowledge to write code against the associated schema. This region type will only be allowed if "Allow SQL and PL/SQL" is set to Yes.
... Page Tree NavigationEA2Within Page Navigation, Pages can now be sorted by Page Name, Created Date or Updated Date.
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