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    Line on the map represents traversed path. Each color corresponds to a different swimmer. Click on the coloured path to see more details. Below you can see real-time weather data from the latest boat location.

    Automatic data updates. No need to refresh the page.

    Weather conditions: --
    Local Time:
    Challenge time: --
    's time: 0h 00m
    Swimmer's time in the water during the current part of relay swim
    Current Pace: -- /100m
    Distance from the start: -- km
    Distance to the destination: -- km
    GPS Position (WGS84):0.000000, 0.000000
    Water Temperature:0 ºC
    Air Temperature:0 ºC
    Air Pressure:1013hPa
    Wind Speed:2m/s
    Wind Direction:  
    Iridium connection: