Beyond The Horizon - Xross Baltic Challenge 2018


    BEYOND THE HORIZON Cross Baltic Challenge 2018 is a unique project during which amateurs, members of the Kużnia Triathlonu club, will face a challenge that nobody has yet managed to accomplish – in July 2018 we will attempt to relay swimming across the Baltic Sea – from Poland to Sweden.

    The Triathlon Forge is an amateur club that has been gathering triathlon enthusiasts for five years. The combination of swimming, cycling and running into one discipline requires fortitude, sacrifice and leaving the comfort zone.

    That’s why triathletes are often called iron people. In the amateur team, the term has a special character because iron is here among everyday duties. We work on success with daily trainings, dividing the time between work, family and passion. However, we are more than just a team – for years we have created a group of friends who support each other and motivate each other to act. Together, we are looking for new challenges and strengths to implement them.

    A common passion drives us to act, that’s why we still want to go further, create something great together. Take on tasks that no one in the world has ever done. We will pursue this goal – we amateurs! Just to prove to yourself and others that everyone can reach BEYOND THE HORIZON.

    Architecture of XBC Tracking system

    XBC Tracking system comprises hardware and software components deployed both on the assisting boat and Oracle Cloud. These two components are connected with bi-directional data link over Iridium satellite system exchanging:

    • sensor data from assisting boat to Oracle Cloud in order to track progress of the challenge and weather conditions like temperature (air, water), pressure, humidity or insolation
    • from Oracle Cloud to assisting boat to update hardware module configuration (if required)

    All data from the sensors - including data from gyroscopes - is processed in realtime and stored for possible future analysis to monitor performance of the Team and e.g understand how weather conditions affect pace or navigation capabilities.

    System also checks the latest meteorogical conditions using providing app users with wind speed and wind direction data.

    Once data is processed and interpreted by XBC Tracking App users can follow the progress of the challenge using map visualization embedded in the app.