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Check the options in the checkbox and click separate.
This will take you to the next page where the options are separate in different items.

This is done by having to items on this page.
  • The first is a the checkbox you see.
  • The second is a hidden item that will hold the comma separated list of options.

Next is a computation on submit with the following settings
  • Item: :p18_options_comma
  • Type: PL/sql expression
  • Computation: replace(:p18_options,':',',')

And a branch with the following settings
  • Items to set: p19_option_1,p19_option_2,p19_option_3,p19_option_4
  • Items to submit: p18_options_comma

Notice that while you submit only 1 item multiple items will be set on the next page.
How many items will be set depends on the number of options you have checked.

Also notice that if a option is not checked the items are filled in succession and the last item will be left empty.