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Recent Updates By Oracle

  • Oracle Database Appliance13-Apr-15
    Monitoring of Oracle Database Appliance components (DB, ILOM, HOST, Virtual Machines, Hypervisor, ASM, and Oracle Appliance Manager) in a grouped fashion (available through Self Update feature)
  • TimesTen In-Memory Database26-Mar-15
    Real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and administration for TimesTen In-Memory Database (available through Oracle Enterprise Manager Self Update feature)
  • MySQL15-Sep-14
    Real-time monitoring and performance, availability and configuration information for MySQL databases (available through Oracle Enterprise Manager Self Update feature)
  • IBM DB2 Database05-Sep-14
    Monitor DB2 databases from Enterprise Manager ( available through Enterprise Manager Self Update feature)
  • Microsoft SQL Server05-Sep-14
    Monitor and manage Microsoft SQL Server relational database management system ( available through Enterprise Manager Self Update feature)
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise05-Sep-14
    Monitor Sybase ASE Server from Enterprise Manager ( available through Enterprise Manager Self Update feature)
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance01-Sep-14
    Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in provides monitoring for all Sun ZFS Storage Appliance models (available through OTN or Oracle Enterprise Manager Self Update)
  • Fast Recovery Area for Archive12-Jun-14
    How to create a metric extension to monitor archive on Fast Recovery Area (FRA) destinations
  • Expiring DBSNMP Passwords12-Jun-14
    How to create a metric extension to inform in advance if DBSNMP password will be expiring
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus03-Jun-14
    Enables sharing of Oracle Enterprise Manager's event information with IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus (available through Enterprise Manager Self Update feature)

Recent Updates By Partners

  • mongoDB08-Apr-15
    Centralized visibility of mongoDB database environments, giving administrators a single view on component availability and performance at both a database and estate level
  • UCS Manager10-Mar-15
    Health monitoring and status checking to monitor fans and PSU in the UCS domain Support for UCS-Mini and UCS Manager Release 3.0
  • EMC VMAX23-Feb-15
    Consolidate VMAX monitoring information and perform root cause analysis via EM 12c (requires login to EMC Support to download Plug-in)
  • EMC VNX23-Feb-15
    Consolidate VNX monitoring information and perform root cause analysis via EM 12c (requires login to EMC Support to download Plug-in)
  • EMC XtremIO23-Feb-15
    EMC XtremIO Storage metric collection architecture collects storage monitoring metrics and relays the data back to the Oracle Management Agent (OMA) where it is processed through Oracle Enterprise Manager.(requires login to EMC Support to download
  • Dell OpenManage22-Dec-14
    Monitor Dell servers, storage and networking devices - Oracle Validated Integration
  • vCenter Operations Management Pack Hands-on Lab (HOL)04-Nov-14
    Leverage data contained in Enterprise Manager using vCenter Operations Manager. This hands-on lab will guide the end user through the process of installing and configuring the Pack, use cases and insights into the performance, capacity and health
  • VMware vSphere Web Client30-Oct-14
    VMware vSphere Web Client for Oracle Databases
  • Cigniti Software Testing Services01-Sep-14
    Learn about two deployments of Cigniti Independent Quality Assurance Services with Oracle Application Testing Suite backed by proprietary IP with career testers who are passionate about testing
  • RTView Enterprise Monitor04-Aug-14
    Allows RTView Enterprise Monitor to connect to existing deployments of Oracle Enterprise Manager and collect performance data for databases and hosts (physical servers) that have been designated as EM targets
  • Stingray Traffic Manager13-May-14
    Solution Guide with reference architecture for deploying Stingray Load Balancer with Enterprise Manager
  • PostgreSQL02-May-14
    Extends the native database monitoring capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (EM12c) to PostgreSQL database environments
  • Alert Optimizer10-Apr-14
    Automated alert capture and trend determination that helps eliminate unncessary and unwanted alerts and help set up warning thresholds at the right levels
  • Fusion ION Accelerator04-Apr-14
    Monitor ION Accelerator from Enterprise Manager (requires Fusion-io support account to access)
  • SANtricity31-Mar-14
    Comprehensive monitoring of NetApp SANtricity E/EF Series Storage Systems for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (download requires NetApp Community username/password)
  • Oracle Database 12c Management05-Feb-14
    Test drive lab to see how the new Oracle Multitenant Database 12c is managed with Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control - Monitoring Essentials05-Feb-14
    Check out all the necessary tools to build, deploy, and operate an enterprise cloud
  • Oracle Application Lifecycle Management04-Feb-14
    Try this lab to evaluate the comprehensive application management solution for E-Business Suite
  • vC Ops Management Pack for Oracle EM v5.7.120-Dec-13
    Extends VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vC Ops) via integration with Oracle EM and providing insights into the health, capacity, and performance of Oracle: DB's, Middleware, and Applications
  • VMware Lifecycle Management Edition20-Dec-13
    Extends Oracle EM support to Oracle workloads running on VMware with Database as a Service, Middleware as a Service, and operational management capabilities