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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Plug-ins and Connectors

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   EM 12c Plug-in Development Kit
This kit can now be downloaded from within the product. Follow the menu Setup->Extensibility->Development Kit
   EM 12c Extensibility Programmer's Guide
Overview guide for all features that are supported by the new plug-in extensibility framework
EM 12c Extensibility Programmer's Reference
Comprehensive guide for building plug-ins for EM 12c
   Plug-in Deployment Screenwatch
This demonstration shows you how to deploy a plug-in to the Oracle Management Server and associate it with a target
 Oracle Validated Integrations
Partners can validate their plug-in and leverage Oracle's co-marketing and field-based resources while providing customers the assurance that their products are integrated using reliable, standards-based methodology


Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and Older Plug-ins and Connectors

 EM Plug-in Development Kit
EM Plug-in Development Kit
 Stepwise Plug-in Development Guide
Step-by-step guide to building plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager
 Official EM Extensibility Guide
Comprehensive guide to building plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager
 EM Plug-in Sample
Companion to the Extensibility Guide
 Receiving SNMP traps Whitepaper
Step by step guide to building a plug-in to receive and display SNMP traps in Enterprise Manager
 EM Extensibility Whitepaper
Read more about the benefits of extending Enterprise Manager
 EM Connectors Whitepaper
Integrating Oracle Enterprise Manager with other management tools for Seamless Data Center Management
 EM Forum
Post your extensibility questions and have them answered