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  • Oracle Database Appliance Monitoring of Oracle Database Appliance components (DB, ILOM, HOST, Virtual Machines, Hypervisor, ASM, and Oracle Appliance Manager) in a grouped fashion (available through Self Update feature) Type: Plug-in Release Date: 13-Apr-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: Oracle Database Appliance
  • RTView Enterprise Monitor Allows RTView Enterprise Monitor to connect to existing deployments of Oracle Enterprise Manager and collect performance data for databases and hosts (physical servers) that have been designated as EM targets Type: Connector Release Date: 04-Aug-14 EM Version: 12c Tags: RTView Enterprise Monitor
  • Pillar Axiom Monitor Pillar Axiom 600 and do full LUN, host group, storage domain, and volume group provisioning (available via Self Update feature) Type: Plug-in Release Date: 21-May-13 EM Version: 12c Tags: Pillar Axiom
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Monitor and analyze the health and performance of critical Oracle VDI resources such as Oracle VDI centers, hosts, companies, desktop pools, desktop providers, storage, and hypervisor. Type: Plug-in Release Date: 28-Mar-13 EM Version: 12c Tags: Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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