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  • Fujitsu SPARC M12/M10 The SPARC M12/M10 plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides monitoring functionality for SPARC M12/M10 server hardware Type: Plug-in Release Date: 11-Jul-17 EM Version: 13c Tags: Fujitsu SPARC M12/M10
  • HBase Enables consolidated monitoring and management of Hadoop database (HBase) targets within Enterprise Manager. Type: Plug-in Release Date: 03-Mar-16 EM Version: 13c Tags: HBase
  • Pure Storage Flash Array Enterprise Manager plug-in for Pure Storage Flash Arrays Type: Plug-in Release Date: 01-Mar-16 EM Version: 12c Tags: Pure Storage Flash Array
  • Symantec VCS Enables consolidated monitoring and configuration management of Symantec VCS targets within Enterprise Manager Type: Plug-in Release Date: 07-Jan-16 EM Version: 13c Tags: Symantec VCS
  • mongoDB Centralized visibility of mongoDB database environments, giving administrators a single view on component availability and performance at both a database and estate level Type: Plug-in Release Date: 01-Dec-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: mongoDB
  • ServiceNow Integrates Oracle Enterprise Manager's proactive alert detection and resolution features with ServiceNow's incident ticketing capabilities to provide a seamless workflow for incident management and resolution (Available through EM Self Update) Type: Connector Release Date: 08-Sep-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: ServiceNow
  • RaMP Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Collect and monitor real-time data from UPSs, PDUs, rack PDUs, cooling equipment, network devices, and servers (both physical and virtual) Type: Plug-in Release Date: 01-Jul-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: RaMP Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Entuity Network Management Overview of the basic categories of network management products, followed by a discussion of the key features of a great enterprise management system. Type: Best Practice Release Date: 19-Jun-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: Entuity Network Management
  • F5 BIG-IP LTM Set up F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager to work with Oracle Enterprise Manager Type: Best Practice Release Date: 01-Jun-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: F5 BIG-IP LTM
  • Secure Global Desktop Monitor and analyze the health and performance of Oracle Secure Global Desktop servers, user sessions, and application sessions. (available through Oracle Enterprise Manager Self Update feature). Type: Plug-in Release Date: 30-Apr-15 EM Version: 12c Tags: Secure Global Desktop
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