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  • Fujitsu SPARC M12/M10 The SPARC M12/M10 plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides monitoring functionality for SPARC M12/M10 server hardware Type: Plug-in Release Date: 05-Mar-19 EM Version: 12c, 13c Tags: Fujitsu SPARC M12/M10
  • Dell OpenManage Monitor Dell servers, storage and networking devices - Oracle Validated Integration Type: Plug-in Release Date: 22-Dec-14 EM Version: 12c Tags: Dell OpenManage
  • RTView Enterprise Monitor Allows RTView Enterprise Monitor to connect to existing deployments of Oracle Enterprise Manager and collect performance data for databases and hosts (physical servers) that have been designated as EM targets Type: Connector Release Date: 04-Aug-14 EM Version: 12c Tags: RTView Enterprise Monitor
  • EMC Celerra Monitor EMC Celerra Servers for storage management (available through Enterprise Manager Self Update feature) Type: Plug-in Release Date: 01-Oct-11 EM Version: 12c Tags: EMC Celerra
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