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Section 1
Read-only on Text Field of the Tabular Form

1. Create a new Javascript function

Sample here is just to make one field (EName) read-only. Obviously more fields can be added if needed. To find out what number of wwv_flow.fxx is, please see Which Tabular Form Column is mapped to which Apex_Application.g_fxx array? by Patrick Wolf

The "silver" color is added to make it noticeable as read-only. More sample of attributes of document.wwv_flow.fxx can be found at Denes Kubieck's Demo under Code section.

2. Call this function from page's onload under the HTML Body Attribute.

No-Duplication Validation

Create a new page-level validation with PL/SQL and Function Returning Error Text.

Please see above link about g_fxx.

Pop-up Help

1. Create the following Javascript functions.

2. Create the HTML div tag with a defined ID in any HTML region. This will be the help text information. Note that initially it is hidden.

3. Add the following Javascript events to the Element Attributes of the Ename column. Please note that the event will call for the HTML div ID created in the previous step.

Tabular Form