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The Oracle APEX Dashboard Competition

We are happy to invite you to our brand-new #orclapex community competition.

APEX is known as one outstanding transactional application builder. These applications are usually data-centric. What would be more interesting than to develope an impressive dashboard to show off the possibilities APEX has to offer?

The developed dashboard applications have to use the provided sample data. Use this link to download the SQL scripts: download dashboard data
In case you experience problems during the import. Follow the hint provided by Trent Schafer:
APEX Dashboard Competition for English Locale



  • Requirements

  • 01 - We will only accept APEX 5.0 applications using Universal Theme. 
  • 02 - The application must be developed and documented in German or English. 
  • 03 - All contestants have to use the same set of data (link, source: GENESYS DB of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany). 
  • 04 - Only one submission containing one dashboard page per contestant. 
  • 05 - The dashboard application has to be released as open source (MIT license). 
  • 06 - The application must be able to run on Chrome and IE 11. 
  • 07 - The submission must be a "Packaged Application". No further installation steps are allowed. 
  • 08 - The application is not allowed to contain DDL or DML scripts. 
  • 09 - The application must be able to be tested with an Oracle DB 12.1 and APEX 5.0.3.  


  • Legalities

  • 01 - Submission must be solely owned by the submitter - not the submitter's company or corporation. 
  • 02 - The organisers and 3rd party affiliates have the right to make the submission available for download to the public. 
  • 03 - Code will be released to the public as open source code under the MIT license. 
  • 04 - Any third-party used artwork or code must be declared and have an appropriate license. 
  • 05 - The organisers holds no legal responsibility for the distribution or use of this submission.  
  • 06 - Entries must be submitted by Friday April 01, 2016 23:59 at the latest.  
  • 07 - Entrants may submit one submission.  
  • 08 - If multiple people work together as a team then only one person can represent the team to accept prizes, etc.  
  • 09 - Any used addons (chart extensions) have to be available through an open source license 

Important Dates

Submissions Open

Monday January 18, 2016

Submissions Close

Friday April 1, 2016


April 27 2016, 9 am
at the APEX Connect 2016



  • Guidelines

  • 01 - The submitted application must be uploaded as a zip file (maximum 10 MB all files included). 
  • 02 - This zip file has to include a short description of the application (incl. the addons) and a screenshot. 
  • 03 - The zip file has to be uploaded via the upload area on this page. 

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Our Jury

Carsten has been a senior system consultant for Oracle since 2001. He is the current DOAG ambassador.
Judge2 img
Sabine is a senior Oracle APEX consultant. She is a DOAG delegate and a member of the DOAG Development Community.
Judge3 img
Niels is the business unit manager of MT AG, Oracle ACE and he is responsible for the APEX subject at DOAG.
Judge4 img
Denes is a senior Oracle APEX consultant, ACE Director and famous for his APEX example application.
Judge5 img
Jürgen is a senior Oracle APEX consultant and the man behind the community website apex.world.
Judge6 img
Tobias is a senior Oracle APEX consultant and well-known for his web site apex-at-work.com

You can win one of these prizes!

Grand Prize

An Apple iPad Pro with 128 GB and WLAN + 1 APEX T-Shirt

Second Prize

An Apple Mac Mini with 4 GB RAM + 1 APEX T-Shirt

Third Prize

An Apple TV with 64 GB + 1 APEX T-Shirt


4th – 10th Prize

An Amazon Fire TV Stick + 1 APEX T-Shirt

Our Sponsors

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DOAG – The German Oracle User Group

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IT Consulting company with high priority on APEX.
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Freelancer, Oracle ACE Director, APEX guru
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Freelancer, APEX guru, Blogger
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First APEX freelancer in the german speaking area, APEX guru

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