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APEX Live Validation

Client-side form validation in Oracle APEX

APEX Plugin

requires APEX 4.1 or higher

jQuery Plugin

supports all APEX versions

user experience

Implementing client-side form validation in your application has a huge effect on the user's experience. Users will be more satisfied as they complete forms faster and with fewer errors.

focus on Oracle APEX

APEX has its own way of generating HTML for form elements. All of that complexity is abstracted away from you since the underlying jQuery plugin was created specifically for APEX development.

easy to use, yet so powerful

The plugin lets you create all kind of different validations in just a few mouse clicks. You don't have to write a single line of JavaScript code.

highly configurable

Nearly every part of the plugin can be configured according to your requirements.

lightweight footprint

No more than 15kB on JavaScript and CSS code.

completely free

The APEX Live Validation plugin is free, open source and available to everyone.