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Introduction to Oracle Business Rules

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General Information

  • This self-study course is intended for those new to Oracle Business Rules, who seek an understanding of the core vocabulary and concepts. It presents the elements of the Oracle Business Rules dictionary and explains the basics of the Oracle Business Rules Engine.  It is a prerequisite for other courses on the subject, including Using Oracle Business Rules from BPEL and BPMN. There are no prerequisites for this self-study course.


    Release Date: 15-Mar-13

    Duration: 20 minutes

    Credited To: Ron Pinkerton

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  • steunet


    Interesting course, concise and pragmatic. I only found it too short; it finishes wheere my curiosity starts (the use in BPMN) so I suggest to merge with the following course. In any case a course to do as introduction

  • charles.bryant


    This course is a very good introduction to the foundation of Oracle Business Rules. The lecture is concise and informative, while the quizzes provide a great mechanism for ensuring you understand the concepts.

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