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Transaction Boundaries and Rollbacks in Oracle SOA Suite

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General Information

  • This self-study explains transaction boundaries in SOA mediator and BPEL components.  It then presents examples of rollback behaviors in various sample transaction scenarios.

    Release Date: 04-Oct-13

    Duration: 23 minutes

    Credited To: Ronald Pinkerton

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  • faruk.onder


    Hi, it's a quite well training but there is two things is a little bit still confusing. -- what is the difference between throwing standart fault and bpelx:rollback expection -- at rollback section at 5 and 6 part; what will happen at the caller side. nonetheless it gives good information about transactions.

  • mrodrigues


    Great presentation. Ron did an excellent job explaining the concepts of transaction boundaries and rollbacks clearly and concisely. I had no trouble understanding him.

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