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Creating a JAX-WS Web Service and Clients with EJB 3.1 Singleton Bean

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General Information

  • This tutorial covers  creating an EJB 3.1  singleton session bean and exposing the singleton session bean  as a JAX-WS web service and  consuming the web service using different types of web service clients.

    In this tutorial, you will create a Java EE 6 Web Application and add the following components to it - a singleton session bean, CounterBean and implement a getHits() method in it. The singleton session bean provides a central counter service.  Next you will expose the singleton session bean as  a JAX-WS web service called CounterService. You will deploy the web service to GlassFish server and test the web service  You will develop two clients to consume this web service - a Java class in a  Java SE application  and a jsp page in a web application.

    Release Date: 18-Dec-12

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Credited To: Anjana Shenoy

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  • krzysztof.korzeniewski


    Nice tutorial, thank you! If it also contained implementation of the 'set' service (with write locking and explanation) it would be awesome! Cheers, Krzysztof

  • surajyonzon


    Great Tutorials. Thanks

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