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Oracle Database In-Memory with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

General Information

  • As is typical of ERP systems, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides a set of software modules that allows end users to capture and report on financial transactions, inventory, manufacturing operations, projects, customers, employees, and many other activities of a modern enterprise. As part of their daily activity end users need to query data from the system to support traditional ERP transactions, such as invoicing a customer or shipping a product. However, in an increasingly competitive business environment, executives, managers, and empowered employees also need data from the system to support their decision-making, such as analyzing sales trends or responding to unplanned events. As businesses grow and as time passes, the data collected within the system can grow at an astounding rate.

    With the introduction of Oracle Database In-Memory, a single database can now efficiently support mixed workloads, delivering optimal performance for transactions while simultaneously supporting real-time analytics and reporting.

    Release Date: 09-Dec-14

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