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Using Resource Manager on Exadata

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General Information

  • This tutorial covers the installation and implementation best practices for using resource manager with Oracle Exadata.

    Release Date: 29-Mar-11

    Duration: 44 minutes

    Credited To: Sue K. Lee

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  • chuck.lucas


    I consider this a "must review" for Exadata Resource Management strategies

    Possibly the only resource that includes our current tools from an Exadata Perspective

    - RM : resource manager

    - IO : resource manager IORM

    - Instance Caging

    - Working with Parallelism

    The one thing I would suggest is adding at least references to the newer AutoDOP functionality which does have some configuration and best practices details that may exceed the scope of this presentation (including lessons learned, bugs and worarounds based on experience)

    Nice presentation: trying to get it to our users

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