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Getting Started with the G1 Garbage Collector

General Information

  • This OBE covers the basics of Java Virtual Machine(JVM) G1 Garbage Collection (GC) in Java. In the first part of the OBE, an overview of the JVM is provided along with an introduction to Garbage Collection and performance. Next students are provided with a review of how the CMS collector works with the HotSpot JVM. Next, a step by step guide to how Garbage Collection works when using the G1 garbage collection with a HotSpot JVM. Following that, a section is provided covering the Garbage Collection command line options available with the G1 garbage collector. Finally, you will learn about logging options to use with the G1 collector.

    Release Date: 19-Nov-12

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Credited To: Michael W. Williams

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