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Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: Increase the Disk Size of a vServer Template

General Information

  • While Oracle recommends that you use the Exalogic storage appliance as the location of all of your software installations and application files, certain types of applications may require a larger root or swap disk. In order to facilitate these types of requirements, the 2.0.6 base template amd later is configured to use the Logical Volume Manager (LVM), which organizes the disk space into physical and logical volumes. While LVM is very flexible, modifying the volume configuration involves many steps.

    The Exalogic Lifecycle Toolkit includes utilities that simplify the process of modifying the disk configuration in vServer templates. In this tutorial you will run these tools from the internal Exalogic Control VM in order to modify an existing template archive.

    Release Date: 28-Oct-14

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Credited To: TJ Palazzolo

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