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Customizing the Look and Feel of Java Applications in NetBeans 7 Using Nimbus and Metal

General Information

  • Nimbus provides cross-platform look and feel, introduced in the Java SE 6 Update 10 (6u10) release. It uses Java 2D vector graphics to draw the user interface. The APIs are migrated from com.sun.java.swing to javax.swing package in Java SE 7. Nimbus is highly customizable. For backwards compatibility, Metal is still the default Swing look and feel, but you can enable Nimbus look and feel. This tutorial shows you how to use the look and feel options for Nimbus and Metal in Swing applications using NetBeans 7.

    Release Date: 14-Dec-11

    Duration: 20 minutes

    Credited To: Anjana Shenoy

    No Flash Plugin Needed

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