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Using EJB Lite and JPA in a Java SE Application

General Information

  • EJB Lite is a subset of the features of  EJB 3.1.  An embeddable enterprise bean container supports EJB Lite and can run within a Java SE application in the same JVM. So one can run EJB outside an application server and a Java SE client can access the EJB locally.
    The embedded enterprise bean container is typically used for testing enterprise beans without having to deploy them to a server. Enterprise bean components execute similarly in both embedded and Java EE environments, and therefore the same enterprise bean can be easily reused in both standalone and networked applications.

    JPA provides Java developers with an object/relational mapping facility for managing relational data in Java applications.JPA can be used in a standalone Java application and in an enterprise application.

    In this tutorial, you will develop a Java SE client that invokes a stateless EJB which is running in an embedded container in the same JVM as the Java client. The EJB will use a JPA entity to insert data into a database. The name of the Java application is ProductManager and it invokes ProductEJB which uses Product JPA entity to insert product data into the Product table.

    Release Date: 08-Jan-13

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Credited To: Paromita Dutta

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