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Java EE 7: Using Web Sockets for Real-Time Communication - OLL Live (Recorded Webcast Event)

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General Information

  • Learn about the new WebSocket and JSON API available in Java EE 7.
    See how WebSocket, and JSON technologies can help you build more interactive Java EE applications.
    You also learn how to build an application using HTML5 for the frontend and WebSocket with JSON in the backend.


    Release Date: 16-Jul-13

    Duration: 48 minutes

    Credited To: Eduardo Moranchel

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  • arturosantosp


    Un muy buen tutorial explicando la comunicación cliente/servidor con websockets usando java 7, demostrando la facilidad de su implementación. This is an excellent tutorial explaining client/server communication based in websockets. It shows how easy is to implement this technology with java 7.

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