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2955260775645746696355899496338563242981EN--customer_tracker-YY-Oracle--------------------<h2>About this Application</h2> <p>Customer Tracker helps you improve your customer interactions by offering a centralized repository of information about your customers.</p> <p>Each customer can have multiple contacts and be associated with multiple products. Each contact has a variety of standard attributes, such as category, geography, industry and status, as well as the ability to add tags to a customer for further ad hoc classification. You can indicate the reference status for a customer and enter free form text as a customer profile.</p> <p>You can create activity records to log interactions with each customer. Customer Tracker includes a variety of reports which let you view recent activities, status changes and tags. You can also use interactive reports to give your users the ability to filter and shape customer, contact, activity and interaction data.</p> <p>Customer Tracker gives you the ability to define your own standards for attributes such as categories, statuses, customer and activity types, and products, allowing you to create a customized version of Customer Tracker to meet your own needs.</p><h2>Getting Started</h2> <br /><p>1. Create Customer</p> <ul> <li>Click the Customers tab</li> <li>Click the Create Customer button</li> <li>Add your customer details</li> </ul> <br /><p>2. Define your Contacts:</p> <ul> <li>Click the Contacts tab</li> <li>Click the Create Contact button</li> <li>Select the customer the contact is associated with</li> <li>Add your contact details</li> </ul> <br /><p>3. Define your Products:</p> <ul> <li>Click the Administration link</li> <li>Click the Manage Products list entry</li> <li>Click the Create Product button</li> <li>Add your product details</li> </ul> <br /><p>4. Associate Products to Customers:</p> <ul> <li>Click the Customers tab</li> <li>Select the Customer you wish to add products for</li> <li>Click the '+' button on the Products region</li> <li>Select your product</li> </ul>-<h2>Additional Information</h2> <p>If you have questions, ask them on the #SUPPORT_LINK#<p>-<h2>Features</h2> <ul> <li>Track and Manage Customers</li> <li>Flexible and updateable customer contacts</li> <li>Flexible and updateable procucts</li> <li>Robust Reporting</li> <li>Link, Note, and File Attachments</li> <li>Mobile Interface</li> <li>Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)</li> </ul>04-JUN-13 PMDIPAKCHANDNANI@GMAIL.COM04-JUN-13 PMDIPAKCHANDNANI@GMAIL.COM
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