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Select2 APEX Plugin
version 2.6.4
updated on 31/05/2016

This is not the latest version of the Select2 APEX plugin.

Please note that the Select2 plugin requires jQuery 1.7.1 or higher. This is especially important if you are on an APEX 4.1 instance which ships with version 1.6.2 of jQuery. This means that you must manually include a higher version of jQuery (1.7.1+). Neglecting to do so will result in the malfunctioning of the plugin. APEX 4.2 users are automatically on jQuery 1.7.1.

Oracle APEX
  • Version 4.1+

  • Version 1.7.1+
  • IE 8+
  • Chrome 8+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Safari 3+
  • Opera 10.6+

Meet the Select2 APEX Plugin
We all know these four item types in Oracle Application Express. The Select2 APEX plugin offers a more user-friendly alternative with enhanced functionality. Give it a try!

  • 7782
  • 7900
  • 7839

Cascading LOV Support

The Select2 APEX plugin fully supports the cascading LOV feature, including the 'Page Items to Submit' and 'Optimize Refresh' settings.

Lazy Loading

Dynamic Actions

The majority of the standard dynamic actions in APEX integrate well with the Select2 plugin. Please refer to the official Select2 documentation in case you encounter difficulties with dynamic actions. For example, the following code line disables a Select2 item: this.affectedElements.select2("readonly", true);

Version 2.1 of the plugin includes custom Select2 events that are available for use in dynamic actions. The item below responds to all of these events by logging a message in the browser's console.

Event Description Data
Change Fired when selection is changed. object object
Opening Fired before the dropdown is shown.
Open Fired after the dropdown is shown.
Highlight Fired when a choice is highlighted in the dropdown. object
Selecting Fired when a choice is being selected in the dropdown. object
Clearing Fired when a choice is being cleared in the dropdown.
Removed Fired when a choice is removed or cleared. object
Focus Fired when the control is focussed.
Blur Fired when the control is blurred.