HIERARCHICAL VIEW - Marquee Feature:

(+) APEX 5.0 Early Adopter
... (+) 3rd Party LibrariesUpgrades, and new third-party components incorporated into the Application Builder
... (+) CalendarsCompletely new calendar component that allows displaying date entries in a monthly, weekly, daily and list view. This new calendar supports desktop and mobile applications, editing of date entries in a modal dialog and re-scheduling of events via drag & drop. The calendar look and feel can be customizable via CSS and uses responsive design. Date entries are also available for export in CSV, iCal, PDF and XML format.
... (+) Data LoadingEnhancements made to Data Loading within Application Express 5.0
... (+) File HandlingImprove various aspects relating to the way files are uploaded, managed, exported, and downloaded.
... (+) Interactive ReportsNew Interactive Report and Websheet capabilities introduced in Application Express 5.0
... (+) MobileEnhancements made in Application Express 5.0 for mobile
... (+) Modal PagesAbility to create a page as a modal or non-modal page has been introduced. A modal page does not allow the end user to select the underlying page (page is greyed out), whereas, they can select the underlying page with non-modal pages. These new modal and non-modal page types have the same declarative capabilities as normal pages with respect to defining regions, processes, branches, and so forth.
... Navigation ListsNavigation lists are a modern alternative to tabs. They allow to render a menu similar to the drop-menu in the APEX Builder, at a designated position on the page and provide navigation links to other pages in the application. Themes support either traditional tabs or navigation lists. Once an application is created using a theme that supports navigation lists, all wizards will show options appropriate for this type of navigation instead of the traditional tab options shown.
... (+) Other FeaturesOther features introduced in Application Express 5.0
... (+) Page DesignerA brand new IDE for enhancing and maintaining pages. As opposed the Component View and Tree View, where you must continually open new dialogs to update components, with the Page Designer there is a tree, Grid Layout and Property Editor which are kept in sync and allow you to update any attributes without leaving the IDE.
... (+) Security FeaturesNew security features within Application Express 5.0
... (+) ThemesNew themes and other theme related enhancements made in Application Express 5.0
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