Welcome to grassroots-oracle.com

This application serves to demonstrate some of the examples I've blogged about, some experiments worthy enough to include, or perhaps examples required for OTN.
No doubt it will grow over time, but nowhere near as comprehensive as Jari Laine's or Denes Kubicek's :-).

Feel free to visit my Oracle blog at grassroots-oracle.com or contact me via twitter @swesley_perth

For Oracle training & consulting (particularly Australians), visit Sage Computing Services

(March 2013): I've just switched to Theme 25 and I'm still making sure everything still works and looks ok
(April 2014): Tidied up the header somewhat, snazzed up the home page a little. Still haven't addressed wonkey item layout.
(September 2015): Once I finish writing my book I plan to come in here, migrate to Universal Theme, revamp feedback mechanism, and start some new side projects - some with a pre-cursor lurking within this app...

Happy coding!

Scott Wesley

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