What is the APEX Developer Addon?

The APEX Developer Addon is a Browser Extension (Addon) which can be used in Firefox and in Google Chrome.

Once installed the APEX Developer Addon brings some new functionality to the APEX Application Builder:

  • Textareas support HTML, XML, Javascript and PL/SQL Editor Modes with Syntax Highlighting
  • Most common functions are accessible via Key Combinations, like F10=Apply Changes, F8=Run...
  • Enhanced Search Box with quick Navigation


Syntax Highlighting

Every textarea in the Application Builder gets 4 additional Links on top to switch between different modes:

  • Javascript
  • and switch back to normal textarea

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make editing an application even quicker we bind key combinations to the most common tasks.

  • F10 = Apply Changes and/or Create
  • Shift+F10 = Apply Changes and/or Create AND stay on Page
  • F8 = Run
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left = Activates the "<" Button
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right = Activates the ">" Button
  • Ctrl+Shift+E = Edit Page
  • Ctrl+Shift+S = Shared Components
  • Ctrl+Shift+F = Jumps to the Search Box
  • / = Jumps to the Search Box (as long as the cursor is currently in no field)

Enhanced Search Box

The Search Box is a powerful tool, but we made it even better and introduced quick navigation Keywords.
That enables you to quickly move in the Application Builder and reduce the Number of clicks you need to do.
Here are some examples, you get the whole list when entering "?" into the Search Box.

  • g lo = goes to Shared Components - List of Values Definition
  • g te = Shared Components - Templates
  • g ap = Application Processes
  • g qb = SQL Workshop - Object Browser
  • ? = Help Popup with a full list of features

What about the Ad Toolbar at the Page Bottom?

The APEX Developer Addon is free Software developed by Peter Raganitsch of click-click IT Solutions.
In return for using this piece of software we display this little Advertisment on every Page Bottom.

How do i get updates?

Updates are handled by your Browser, like for any other Extension/Addon. Some changes in the Addon require a browser restart in order to update. So if you encounter an error, always check the status/version of the Extension/Addon and restart your browser.