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This feature is available from APEX 19.2



App Components

100309PAGE00. Global Page - Desktop
100309PAGE1111. Employees Report
100309PAGE1616. View Source
100309PAGE1717. Show/hide all page items on the same line
100309PAGE2121. Add Button to Interactive Grid
100309PAGE2222. Code Mirror
100309PAGE2626. Advanced Slider
100309PAGE3232. test
100309PAGE3434. IG - refresh selected rows
100309PAGE3535. IG - refresh selected rows
100309PAGE3636. IG - refresh selected rows
100309PAGE3737. IG - refresh selected rows
100309PAGE4444. Slider Issue #4
100309PAGE4949. IG Sum Salary Bug
100309PAGE5757. Modal LOV test
100309PAGE11. Home
100309PAGE22. Validating numbers
100309PAGE33. Master - detail item plugin
100309PAGE44. Number Increment/Decrement Item Plugin
100309PAGE55. Update
100309PAGE66. Add Spinner Plugin
100309PAGE77. Modal LOV
100309PAGE88. TimePicker
100309PAGE99. Modal LOV in Modal Page
100309PAGE1010. Tree Search Plug-In