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Ability to Set Tracing Using Oracle Database Vault APIs

Security → Database Vault

You now can use two Oracle Database Vault APIs to control system level tracing which applies to all database sessions. These new APIs are as follows: DBMS_MACADM.SET_TRACE_LEVEL and DBMS_MACUTL.GET_TRACE_LEVEL.

Business Benefit: This enhancement enables users who have been granted the DV_ADMIN role to enable or disable tracing for all database sessions. In previous releases, this user needed the ALTER SYSTEM and the ALTER SESSION system privileges to perform this task, in addition to the DV_ADMIN role. The ALTER SYSTEM system procedure for tracing is still supported. The enhancement also provides the DBMS_MACUTL.GET_DV_TRACE_LEVEL function, which returns the trace level that has been set for the current database session. This trace level can have been set by ALTER SYSTEM, ALTER SESSION, or DBMS_MACADM.SET_DV_TRACE_LEVEL.

Release Availability
Licensed With
Oracle Database Vault
Available On
  • Oracle Database FREE
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Exadata
  • Exadata Cloud Service / Cloud@Customer
  • Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition - High Performance
  • Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition - Extreme Performance
Initial Release