Quality 4.0: Drive Down the Cost of Quality with Digital Transformation
Webinar on Sept 26, 2019 from 9:00 to 10:00 AM Pacific
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Digital transformation has enabled new business models, increased product complexities and evolved customer expectations. To deliver on the demands of offering products that attract and retain customers in the experience economy, businesses need to effectively manage physical parts, embedded software and subscriptions. This complexity requires a new approach to quality management. An approach that drives down the cost of quality management and an approach that is adapted for the fourth industrial revolution, where quality is the cornerstone of the digital supply chain and the product lifecyle.

Join this webinar to discover how Oracle and Kalypso can help drive down the cost of quality and help unify enterprise quality processes within the Systems of Record. This webinar will explore new methods of leveraging systems of engagement, IoT Digital Assistants, and Adaptive Intelligence to define, identify, analyze, correct and prevent quality events while improving the overall effectiveness, safety, customer satisfaction and profitability of products and services.

Experts from Oracle and Kalypso will demonstrate how the digital thread with embedded quality information combined with real-time IoT and social data allows you to pull insights directly from the voice of the product, the voice of the factory and the voice of the customer. By making sense of this digital noise, your company will drive improved decision-making, streamline complex requirements, reduce enterprise risk and cost, and provide new innovative customer experiences. We will also discuss how Oracle Quality Management Cloud allows you to:
bullet Design for quality: design and build the right products or services to specification.
bullet Reduce response time: respond quicker when anomalies arise.
bullet Reduce risk: remove reoccurring quality related issues with enterprise traceability.
bullet Drive closed-loop quality: eliminate the data chase to make high-speed 360-degree decisions with near real-time transparent and traceable information starting at the innovation funnel.
bullet Generate innovation insights: capture critical product quality attributes, govern triggers for above/below range excursion events and enrich the product record with historical adverse event data that can help drive continuous design improvements.
Quality 4.0: Drive Down the Cost of Quality with Digital Transformation
Thursday, September 26, 2019
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific
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