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About this Application

This application contains numerous examples of visualizing coordinate data on a map. Use Map Markers, Lines or Polygons, or the Heat Map feature. The APEX Map Region can easily be combined with Oracle Spatial functionality (which is included in every Oracle Database) to perform a "Within Distance Search", "Nearest Neighbor Search", or other spatial analysis.

Getting Started

Run the application as a developer; at the bottom of the page will be buttons for viewing the page in the Application Express Application Builder. Click on the "Edit Page #" button to see how the pages are defined.


  • Simple Map Visualizations: Markers, Polygons, Heat Maps.
  • Show Map object details using Tool Tips and Information Windows.
  • Use Faceted Search with a Map.
  • Use Interactive Reports to look up an object and show it on the Map.
  • Connect a report: Always show what's visible on the Map.
  • "Circle Search": Draw a circle on the map and use Spatial SQL to find objects within.
  • Find Nearest Neighbors, based from a given point.
  • Use Custom Map Markers.