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To reach education excellence and enhance quality of services, DU strives to recruit qualified and diversified academic. DU faculty instruct graduate and undergraduate students, and are engaged in community service and research. As of September 2023, there are about 447 faculty and non-academic staff who contribute to the success of DU. The HRD works in coordination with all concerned parties to ensure supportive and innovative human resource services.

Mohamed Hamid AchamsiInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicMoroccanPostgraduate Diploma
Amal Hassan Morsi EissaLecturerCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicEgyptianMaster
Steven Jay SamplinerInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicAmericanMaster
Adala Salim Awadh Al HaddadiInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicOmaniBachelor
Shahid BashirInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicPakistaniMaster
Tahir Alam AwanInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicPakistaniMaster
Hayoun EUNInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicSouth KoreanPh.D
Amjed Ahmed Touma AyyatLecturerCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicJordanianPh.D
Amin Rasti BehbahaniLecturerCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicFinnicPh.D
Natasha Dezarae SwinneyInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicAmericanMaster
Balaqis Mohammed Alawi AL IbrahimInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicOmaniMaster
Asim Mohammad Abdal Qader KhreshehInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicJordanianMaster
Abdulfattah DukkiInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesEnglish LanguageAcademicTurkishMaster
Dr. Moosa Bait Ali SulaimanCPS DirectorCentre for Preparatory StudiesCPS AdministrationAcademicOmaniPh.D
Anita VenugopalAssistant ProfessorCentre for Preparatory StudiesITAcademicIndianPh.D
Amal Hassan Said A LMurfadiInstructorCentre for Preparatory StudiesITAcademicOmaniMaster
Fatima Abdul Munaim Abdullah Al Bahar Al RawasInstructor & Head of IT sectionCentre for Preparatory StudiesITAcademicOmaniMaster
Mohammad Mahmoud Nimer MustafaLecturer & Head of Math SectionCentre for Preparatory StudiesMathAcademicJordanianMaster
Waqar Ahmad KhanLecturerCentre for Preparatory StudiesMathAcademicPakistaniMaster
Wajdi Hamza Dawod AlredanyAssistant ProfessorCentre for Preparatory StudiesMathAcademicIraqiMaster