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General guidelines for writing your Statement of Purpose

A. Statement of Purpose should be personal, based on facts and in your own words. No fake information. Everything is cross-checked by the Institute and Visa office.

B. Write your SOP. Do not copy from templates. If you are called for an interview, be prepared to give the same information and facts that were mentioned in your SOP. Also, the overall quality and vocabulary should match your IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score.

C. Be short, to the point, and crystal clear. No need for heavy English words or lengthy paragraphs.

SOP should ordinarily comprise of following details

1. Mention personal and family background, academic courses, internships, sports and extracurricular activities, the profession of parents, source of income, and financial status in one or two paragraphs.

2. Why Australia and not any other country? Mention quality of education, diverse culture, environment, English taught courses, and global recognization of Australian qualifications as reasons.

3. Why the chosen Institute? Mention ranking (if any), recognization by Australian authorities, online reviews, convenient location, general reputation, and good experience of friends (if any) and other known students who may have studied or presently studying in the Institute.

4. Why the chosen course? Mention course outcome, job opportunities, salary package, and growth/career opportunities both globally and in your home country.

5. Reason(s) for choosing Australia, when a similar course is available in your home country. Mention better quality of education, advanced coursework, global recognization of degrees, job opportunities, and preferences that you will get once you come back as compared to students who have studied in your home country.

6. How the course is related to your previous studies and experience? Give justification if you are switching from one stream to another.

7. Always mention your previous Visa grants/refusals/travel history of all countries including Australia with justifications.

8. Mention strong reasons to come back to your home country after completion of the course. Give examples of an existing family business (if any), property ownerships, job prospects, career opportunities, family, friends, and other interests in your home country.

9. Mention extracurricular activities, any digital course, and certifications in a related field that you may have completed.

10. Mention true reasons for any gap in your study. You may mention any job that you may have done during the gap year or you can say that you were preparing for an entrance examination or you have completed an online course.