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Christo is an expert in performance tuning. He is working the entire infrastructure stack with confidence based on his high-end skills and proven track record. From operating system level to memory, disk IO related and application problems, Christo uses Oracle instrumentation, dtrace/strace, stack tracing, or profiling to find the source of the problem. His expertise extends to clustered configurations of Oracle RAC and ASM, as well as automatic SGA and PGA management features of Oracle 10G. Besides the variety of technical talents, Christo has a unique skill to see beyond the original question and find creative and powerful solutions. A dynamic presenter, Christo captivates his audiences with detailed technical content and practical advices. He has presented at IOUG, UKOUG, RMOUG, Oracle Open World and others. Christo is a contributor to the Pythian blog, concentrating on highly technical and advanced information. Connect with Christo :
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