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Asia PacificModulesoft.comhttp://www.modulesoft.com/services/web-hosting/apex-hosting/IndiaModulesoft.com is a professional web hosting provider in India for Oracle 10g Database Hosting & APEX Hosting. We offer a total class services with the ultimate optimum result with trustworthy services and 24/7 superior customer service to all customers.
EuropeBusiness Driven ICThttp://www.businessdrivenict.nl/The NetherlandsBusiness Driven ICT by Full Orbit has hosting services for Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Application Express applications. Because of our extended knowledge of BI environments and APEX applications we can combine hosting services with database and data warehouse administration and application maintenance.
EuropeE-DBAhttp://www.e-dba.com/UKe-DBA build scalable, quality web 2.0 solutions quickly and competitively with a strong focus on clean, consistent reusable design. What sets us apart from the rest? We not only produce quality solutions but our team of highly skilled developers is backed by expert Oracle DBAs and Sys Admins. Delivering either complete applications or providing a secure hosting environment including Software as a Service, e-DBA can deliver end-to-end solutions! Not yet convinced, then visit our website to find out more… it just so happens to be an apex application as well!
EuropeExplorerhttp://www.explorer-development.uk.com/Our APEX developers work closely with our technical consultants, who are all certified in a wide range of Oracle Specializations, to make sure any applications that we develop are in line with the required hosting and management boundaries as set by our customers. When required, Explorer also provide flexible hosting options as well as 24/7 Database and Application support, using our PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 accredited datacentre.
EuropeHTMLDB-HOSTING.COMhttp://www.htmldb-hosting.com/GermanyHTMLDB-HOSTING.COM is a professional hosting service for Oracle Application Express / HTML DB running on the Oracle Database 10g. German users are welcome to switch to HTMLDB-HOSTING.DE.
EuropeITIUM & BlueDomehttp://www.apex-hosting.com/The NetherlandsWe offer a professional APEX hosting service from Oracle partners ITIUM and BlueDome. We offer a range of APEX Hosting services. We have the service that best suits your needs. Beginning with a free trial service.
EuropeQuantix http://www.quantix-uk.com/solutions/managed-application-services/mas-for-oracle-apex-applicationsUKQuantix, an Oracle Platinum Partner and of the UK’s leading IT Managed Service Providers specialises in the provision of Oracle Support, Robust Data Architectures, Enterprise Cloud Hosting Services & Virtualised Infrastructures. By developing the UK’s leading Application Optimised Cloud platform, the “OraCloud”, Quantix are in a unique position to offer fully managed Oracle Hosting which matches the needs of Oracle Application Express and other mission critical Oracle-based applications. We provide fully managed, supported and licensed Oracle servers, including associated operating systems, on a monthly or annual fee. Our difference lies in our extensive range of Oracle skills and the fact that our management responsibility, from the database layer down, allows clients to focus on their applications. We act as your DBA team by managing and maintaining Oracle databases on a 24x7 basis whilst also retaining responsibility for the delivery architecture, regardless of whether the application is being delivered to your organisation, your clients or your suppliers.
EuropeQuickCode Ltdhttp://www.apex-solutions.cz/Czech RepublicPragueWe offer a comprehensive range of services related to the operation and functioning of APEX applications, and therefore hosting cannot be missing. Our hosting is specialized and optimized specifically for running of applications based on the APEX technology. Service is a standard part of all hosting programmes: regular backups, database monitoring, JasperServer for dynamic reporting, FTP access, and user support, of course.
Latin AmericaSIANET Business Hostinghttp://www.sianet.com.br/BrazilWith over ten years in the market, SIANET Business Hosting has gained the utmost respect among Oracle developers. We offer the most reliable hosting services for Oracle Application Express and Oracle Database 10g and 11g. Regardless of the complexity of your application, SIANET has the right solution for you and your company.
North AmericaAppsHostinghttp://www.appshosting.com/USACaliforniaAppsHosting (Ph. 877-625-6610) would like to welcome the APEX developer community by offering Free APEX hosting for development purposes. AppsHosting, an Oracle partner, is a provider of managed hosting, remote DBA, and Disaster Recovery services. Our highly secure AppsHosting hosting environment is SAS70 Type II Certified.
North AmericaEncivahttp://www.enciva.com/USAEnciva offers reliable and affordable Oracle® Application Express hosting with your choice of U.S. or U.K. based hosting. We offer the latest build, free domain mapping, SQL Developer access, email, web space, and much more. Serving clients in over 35 countries worldwide.
North AmericaIT Convergence Hosting Serviceshttp://www.itconvergence.com/USAIT Convergence Hosting Services is a full-service dedicated hosting provider specializing in hosting and management of Oracle Database and the Oracle E-Business Suite. We are proud to provide hosting to the IOUG, enabling the IOUG Regional User Groups websites that have been deployed and developed using Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database 10g and APEX. We offer SAS70 Type 2 Certified Hosting Services that provide maximum visibility, accessibility, and flexibility. Host your Oracle deployments with IT Convergence, and gain the peace of mind of knowing that your environment is secure, protected, and well-maintained.
North AmericaMaxApexhttp://www.maxapex.com/USAFloridaMaxApex is a premium quality hosting service exclusively for Oracle Application Express (formerly called HTMLDB). Customers get the best-in-class service for a very reasonable price. Being exclusive for Oracle Apex we provide our valued customers with high availability, least cost and peace of mind.
North AmericaMythicshttp://www.1enterprise.net/USAMythics offers one stop shopping for Oracle customers wanting to purchase, design or build Apex solutions. Our proud legacy as Oracle's largest national government reseller is complemented by our experienced team of Oracle consultants (Mythics Professional Services), and our cutting-edge 1Enterprise product line. 1Enterprise represents a growing marketplace of turn-key-ready applications designed to consolidate (and replace) inefficient, costly, non-performing spreadsheet and database activity in the single department or across the enterprise. Mythics application engineers experience fluid implementation cycles by leveraging Mythics' Indigo Framework™, an agile development structure built on Oracle APEX, available to anyone wishing to build applications and expand the 1Enterprise portfolio. Customers choosing 1Enterprise may deploy their applications wherever Oracle installs, or may opt for Mythics Hosting Services.
North AmericaRevion Solutions Inc.http://www.revion.com/hosting/apex.htmlUSARevion Solutions Inc. is one of the leading providers of professional-grade Oracle technology services including Application Express and database hosting. We service a diverse group of clientele, such as self-employed developers, branches of government, and Fortune 500 companies.
North AmericaSkillBuildershttp://skillbuilders.com/oracle-apex-hostingUSAA stable and secure environment for PRODUCTION APEX applications (test / dev also supported). Supported by the Oracle APEX Experts, ACE's and Masters at SkillBuilders. 24 x 7 support available.
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