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Tobias Arnhold

Tobias Arnhold (tobias-arnhold@hotmail.de)

APEX at Work (http://apex-at-work.blogspot.com/)


APEX-AT-WORK Developer Competition 2009 Edition     
This application is an upgrade of the original APEX-AT-Work Example application.
It includes lots of new examples, a new layout, new techniques (like screen casts) and an extended documentation.

Key feature is it to make the developer life easier for those people who get started with the ExtJS javascript library in APEX and don't know anything about their integration.
I myself had a really hard time understanding all these different components, options and functions and their possible integration into APEX.
Of course most examples are not the GOLD medal yet because I'm still studying myself.

But like I said before. APEX needs to increase its graphical standard and with ExtJS there is a great way to achieve this goal.

Hope you will enjoy discovering this application and at the end make APEX even more popular to the world out there.

Tobias Arnhold
License information     
Of course this example is free to use and stands under the developer contest demands.
But I used some really nice external sources/apps which I didn't want to exclude just because they are not free in commercial applications.
Source codes are mostly published in an open source license like BSD or GNU. Just two exceptions needs to be named:

Page 54 - Example page which uses the ExtJS user extension: ux.ManagedIFrame/Panel - http://extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40961
By the way Ext 2.0.2 is licensed under a LGPL license. More information under Installation & Layout integration.

Page 56 - PONG game - Copyright © 2007-2009 mclelun.com
If you want to use this example somewhere else just ask him on his blog: http://blog.mclelun.com - JavaScript Pong Game