Building Your First APEX App

Ready to start building your first app? Once you have your APEX environment, follow this simple guide to begin building your first APEX app!

  1. After signing into your APEX workspace, navigate to App Builder, select Create and choose From a File.

  2. In the Load Data wizard, select the nyc_high_schools.csv file using Choose File, or drag and drop it in to the dialog.

  3. Set table name to NYC_HIGHSCHOOLS, review the data, and click Load Data.

  4. Verify that the data has been loaded into the NYC_HIGHSCHOOLS table and select Create Application.

  5. In the Create Application wizard, enter a name for the app such as NYC Highschools. You can optionally customize the app icon.

  6. Enable the features you would like to include in your app, then select Create Application.

  7. On the application home page, select Run Application to open the runtime app in a new browser tab.

  8. Enter your user credentials and select Sign In to start exploring your new APEX app.

Next Steps

Now that you have a workspace and some basic experience with Oracle APEX, try your hand at completing these Hands on Labs to gain even more knowledge and experience building apps.

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