Getting Started

Choose from one of the following options to get started with APEX.

Free APEX Workspace

Explore the capabilities of the APEX low-code application platform and begin building your first app today. This is the fastest way to get started with APEX.

  1. Ideal for evaluating APEX
  2. Get started within minutes
  3. Early access to upcoming APEX releases
  4. No installation or configuration needed
  5. Completely free, no credit card required

APEX on Oracle Cloud

Develop and deploy low-code applications on a secure and fully managed APEX environment on the world's first and only Autonomous Infrastructure.

  1. Two Always Free environments, each with CPU and approximately 20 GB storage included, with one-click upgrade to unlock more resources
  2. No limits on apps, users, or developers
  3. Automatic monitoring, backups, patching, and upgrades
  4. Highly available with Auto Scale
  5. Available in 40+ public cloud regions
  6. Compliant with regional data regulations, including FedRAMP, HIPAA, SOC 1-3, PCI

APEX on Premises

Download and install APEX on any edition of Oracle Database. Turn your database into a low-code application platform for building web and mobile apps.

  1. Deploy APEX in your data center
  2. Fully supported no-cost feature of all Oracle Database editions
  3. No limits on apps, users, or developers
  4. Full control of your application platform - upgrades, patching, backups, tuning
  5. Build apps locally and deploy on cloud, or vice versa

Run APEX in a Virtual Machine

You can also run APEX on your laptop in a preconfigured Oracle VM VirtualBox using Oracle Database 23ai Free VirtualBox Appliance. A single download gives developers a free VM with:

  • Oracle Linux 8.8
  • Oracle Database 23ai Free
  • Oracle APEX 23.2
  • Oracle REST Data Services 24.1.0
  • Oracle SQLcl 24.1.0

Building Your First APEX App

Now that you have access to your APEX environment, take the next steps to build your first APEX app!

Start Building