Getting Started

It takes just a few moments to get started with Oracle APEX. Follow these simple steps and get your free workspace to begin developing apps within minutes.

Get an Environment

Start by requesting a free service from our hosted evaluation instance. Your service will be provisioned immediately and can be used to prototype your application.

Request a Free Workspace

Alternately you can download and install Oracle APEX into any edition of Oracle Database including our free Oracle Database Express Edition (XE).

Download Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX runs anywhere that Oracle Database runs, whether it is on-premises, Oracle Cloud, or anywhere else. Here are some additional ways you can get started.

Get Data

Now that you have an environment ready, let's get some data into our workspace that you can use to build your first application.

You can begin with an existing data model or create a new one from scratch. You can use SQL Workshop, which allows you to design or import data models from your browser or use the built-in Quick SQL feature to author a data model using a simple shorthand syntax.

  • Upload Spreadsheet Data

    You can start with a spreadsheet and upload it as the basis for your data model.

  • Use Quick SQL

    Quick SQL is a bundled productivity app that enables you to write markdown-like SQL syntax which is expanded into full SQL.

  • Use Sample Datasets

    Use the provided sample datasets in SQL Workshop or those available as part of the Create App from Spreadsheet wizard.

Develop Application

Now that you have data available in your workspace, you can use the Create App wizard to create your first application. Once you've created your app, you can edit any page to load Page Designer where you can further develop your page. From Page Designer, you can quickly run your page to see your changes immediately in a new browser tab. From the runtime tab, use the Developer Toolbar to jump back into development. Watch one of these short videos on building your first app.

Deploy Application

For simple projects, deploying your App can be as easy as sharing the runtime URL and granting end user access.

For systems that separate development and production environments, you can export and import your application in a single file.

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