Oracle APEX in Oracle Cloud

Rapidly build and deploy scalable and secure applications in the cloud with the world's most popular enterprise low-code application platform.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) delivers APEX low-code application development on the industry’s first and only Autonomous Infrastructure as a fully managed service that is pre-configured and ready to use, with elastic scalability, security, high availability, global access via regional cloud data centers, and the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn how to get started with APEX on Oracle Cloud.

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Simple and All-Inclusive

APEX Service and Autonomous Database with APEX enable you to develop and deploy low-code apps on a preconfigured, fully managed, and secured environment without the hassles of manual upkeep. These services provide everything you need, from database compute and storage, to browser-based development tools – all ready to go so you can focus on solving business problems.

Fully Managed

Oracle takes care of the configuration, monitoring, backups, patching, and upgrades of all Oracle APEX infrastructure components. This reduces risk and saves you time and energy that can be spent on innovation.

Elastic and Scalable

You can run everything from Line-of-Business applications to enterprise and SaaS apps. You can easily handle changing demand for your applications by adding compute and storage resources, and scale back down when it is no longer necessary; or have Oracle make automatic adjustments for you – all with no downtime.

Highly Available

Your apps run in Oracle Cloud with industry leading availability provided by Oracle Exadata and Real Application Clusters (RAC). In addition, your environment is backed up automatically each day, and you can optionally enable hot standbys within or across select cloud regions. All of this ensures your apps will be available to users when it matters most.


Security features such as data encryption and key management come preconfigured in Oracle Cloud. You can register with Oracle Data Safe for additional security assessment and monitoring. An optional private IP configuration (private endpoint) restricts app access to within your virtual cloud network.


You are not constrained by additional costs that can impact the success and popularity of your apps. APEX on Oracle Cloud dramatically simplifies costs that are typically associated with other low-code platforms. There is no complex pricing associated with the number of users, developers, or applications within your service. There are also no limits on the number applications that can be developed, the number of developers using the service, or the number of end users using your applications.

Global Availability

You have the option of deploying your applications in 39 cloud regions across 21 countries, with more coming. Government customers can run in dedicated data centers that meet strict security and regulatory compliance requirements. OCI with Autonomous Database and APEX comply with diverse regulations and standards including PCI, ISO, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.

More Possibilities

With APEX on Oracle Cloud, you have access to more than 100 cloud infrastructure and platform services that can expand the possibilities of your low-code applications. For example, you can deploy a Load Balancer to provide a custom domain name (vanity URL) for your apps, access data in Object Storage, communicate with your customers with Email Delivery, protect your apps with Identity Services, or integrate with our artificial intelligence and machine learning services for image recognition, data science, digital assistants, and more.

Cloud Deployment Options

You have unparalleled choice of deployment options for your APEX applications on Oracle Cloud.

Explore Oracle's premier autonomous service in OCI

  • Includes APEX pre-configured and fully managed
  • Supports a broad ecosystem of Oracle Database clients
  • Available Always Free shapes

Just the tools you need to build and run APEX apps in OCI

  • Includes a specialized Autonomous Database
  • Available Always Free shapes

There are additional co-managed deployment options for APEX on Oracle Cloud

  • OCI Base Database Service, Exadata Database Service, and Compute VM
  • Enables full customer control of APEX and its host environment

Cloud Customer Successes

Learn why thousands of customers across the globe, from small businesses to large enterprises, use APEX on Oracle Cloud.