Why Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX has been designed from the very beginning to help developers build modern, beautiful, responsive applications without the need to become specialized experts.

The focus for Oracle APEX has always been to provide the easiest way possible for developers to build great-looking apps against their data. Here are a few reasons why choosing Oracle APEX makes sense for your next development project.

  • Simple

    Oracle APEX is easy to use and easy to learn. The Application Builder provides a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface which guides you through the creation of your applications. The powerful components of Oracle APEX enable you to add a high-level of functionality to your apps with limited coding. Many customers are productive in a week or less!

  • Powerful and Proven

    Oracle APEX can be used to build a wide variety of apps for any industry - from the simplest app that "webifies" a spreadsheet, to mission-critical apps which are used daily by tens of thousands of users. The elegant architecture of Oracle APEX has been used to power thousands of applications around the globe for years.

  • Secure

    Oracle APEX is designed to build web apps which are highly secure out of the box. In a world of ever-changing web standards, evolving security standards, and resourceful hackers, the focus on security means that your applications stay protected and remain state-of-the-art.

  • Portable

    You can run Oracle APEX everywhere - on the Oracle Cloud, on-premises, or anywhere else there is an Oracle Database. And you can deploy your Oracle APEX applications across any environment with ease.

Why should I use Oracle APEX?


  • Are you an existing Oracle Database customer?

    Then you have everything you need to start building useful, scalable apps now using Oracle APEX. If you know even a little bit of SQL, you can become wonderfully productive and start producing apps that you would have thought required a full-stack developer.

  • Are you an Oracle Forms customer?

    With your knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, you have everything you need to create modern Web applications. Oracle Forms customers readily adapt to the Oracle APEX app dev experience, and as a bonus, you can easily reuse all of your existing SQL and PL/SQL!

  • Do you work in a line of business? Are you constantly asked to produce solutions, but are given tools which are difficult to learn and use?

    Consider Oracle APEX. It's used for business applications by thousands of customers worldwide, it's easy to get started, and you have a feature-rich application development environment to build nearly any application you require.

  • Are you a professional full-stack developer?

    Often you will spend most of your time developing and maintaining the “plumbing" required for a typical Web application. The platform of Oracle APEX manages all of the mundane aspects of Web app dev, like security, session state management, concurrency, data persistence, responsive design, and more. Spend more time focusing on your business requirements and less time writing the necessary infrastructure.

  • Are you an Oracle DBA?

    Then you have all the skills you need to begin creating elegant and powerful Web apps. As well, understanding Oracle Database like you do, you're able to easily understand and appreciate the simple but reliable architecture of Oracle APEX. Add your own SQL and let Oracle APEX take care of the rest! DBAs have written amazing applications - from building visualizations against the Enterprise Manager repository to creating reports and a dashboard against RMAN backups - it's all possible by you, with Oracle APEX.


With Oracle APEX, you can easily build web applications with essentially no knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Oracle APEX is tightly integrated with Oracle Database and manages all of the processing associated with data manipulation in a database. If you have a basic understanding of SQL, you can build beautiful, responsive web applications very quickly. For data analysis, Oracle APEX is excellent, as it supports the full SQL language, which is the industry standard for data manipulation and aggregation. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you can also exploit your talents in Oracle APEX, to create highly customized UI's.

Oracle APEX is taught at numerous universities and colleges throughout the world, and demand for employees with Oracle APEX experience is at an all time high and continues to grow. Plus, you can get started for free right now.

Business Users

Are you tired of using spreadsheets as a multi-user database? For multi-user purposes, they can be insecure, inefficient and inaccurate (who has the latest email attachment?). Oracle APEX has something for you. In minutes, you can easily create beautiful, responsive applications from the data in a spreadsheet. Choose your favorite enterprise authentication method or use Social authentication and away you go!

Oracle APEX includes powerful self-service reporting features. You can easily add custom filters, sort, aggregate, pivot and chart your data, and even create reports which get emailed to you on a periodic basis.

Oracle APEX includes a number of productivity applications which are free and supported - no knowledge of anything is required, not even of Oracle APEX! It's as simple as installing an app on your smartphone. Project tracking, surveys, group calendar and more!

Architects and CIOs

Do you have application needs which aren't being met? Are your information assets scattered throughout your organization, using tools that you can't support or aren't even aware of? Using Oracle APEX, you can provide an industrial strength "application development service" which can be used to consolidate all of these rogue applications throughout your enterprise. It's already included with your Oracle database, so there is no additional cost. You can consolidate these applications on the enterprise-ready Oracle database. The information assets can be audited, secured, monitored and shared.

Using Oracle APEX, you can expand the pool of people who are capable of building applications for the department and the enterprise. Oracle APEX has a much lower barrier to entry for creating responsive and powerful business applications.

In an enterprise setting, Oracle APEX provides a scalable and proven platform for applications which can scale across the enterprise. Oracle APEX includes native functionality to integrate with REST and SOAP Services in your organization and in the cloud. Oracle APEX also provides a graphical UI to create and host secure REST services against data and business logic in the database.

Start solving the problems in your organization which are going unsolved today!