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About this page

Oracle Application Express (APEX) native Bar charts, using Oracle JET Data Visualizations, and our plug-in based bar charts are showcased on this page. Explore the wide range of chart attributes declaratively available with our native charts, to format and customise the style of your charts. With plug-in based bar charts, you can display labels in a legend or with rollover labels on the bars. Drill down links are controlled via plug-in attributes. Oracle APEX region plug-ins allow APEX developers to extend the APEX application builder with custom solutions not currently available in Oracle APEX.

Bar Chart (Series Colors)

Default Color Palette

* Values Sorted Ascending

Series-Level Color Attribute

* Values Sorted Descending

SQL Series-Defined Colors

* Labels Sorted Ascending

Custom Colors via JavaScript

* Labels Sorted Descending

Bar Chart (Stack Label & Stack Category)

Bar Chart (Dual Y Axis with formatted Labels)

Bar Chart (Stacked)

Bar Chart (Stacked Percent)

Bar Chart (Series Name Column Mapping)

HTML 5 Bar Chart (Plug-in)