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About this Application

This application highlights the charting capabilities of Oracle Application Express (APEX). It demonstrates how you can enhance your applications to visually represent your data, using declarative and plug-in based charting solutions. Supported chart types include Area, Bar, Bubble, Combination, Donut, Dial, Funnel, Gantt, Line, Line with Area, Pie, Polar, Radar, Range, Stock, and Scatter. It features a number of our new native charts, based on Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) Data Visualizations, and also an APEX plug-in to demonstrate the integration of other Oracle JET Data Visualization components. The charts can be easily created and modified using native Oracle APEX wizards. Chart attributes such as color, formatting, axes and legend settings can be easily modified to suit your requirements. This application also contains a number of plug-in based alternative charting solutions.

Use this application to familiarize yourself with the various charting options available.

Getting Started

Run the application as a developer; at the bottom of the page will be buttons for viewing the page in the Application Express Application Builder. Click on the "Edit Page" button to see how the pages are defined. Use the Reference menu to quickly inspect chart examples for specific functionality and support.

If you have questions, ask them on the OTN Forum.


  • SQL Driven Charting
  • JavaScript Charting
  • Area, Bar, Box Plot, Bubble, Combination, Donut, Dial, Event Drops, Funnel, Line, Line with Area, Pareto, Pie, Polar, Pyramid, Range, Radar, Scatter, Status Meter Gauge, Stock, and Dashboard.
  • Gantts
  • APEX plug-in based on Oracle JET Component:
    • Oracle JET Legend
  • CSS charting using region plug-ins:
    • HTML 5 Bar Chart
    • Badge List v2
    • Slide Tooltip