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Please add custom tags support for git (for example  S signature support.. at this moment, commit.gpgsign=true is being ignored by the application) also some global commit overview window would be great.1025-JUL-19
Fully support this idea. In addition support for tagging of changes to group changes together that can be used downstream for release automation.1002-JUL-19
Proper support for version control using post popular GIT is critical for any multi developer company1010-MAY-19
It will be big step to DB developemnt1030-JAN-19
SVN is not used in our organisation. It is Git or TFS. For this to be widely used by developers; it needs to be able to support at least one of those. If there was a choice, Git would be my preference.1027-DEC-18
do support of GIT, physical model as separate by implementation technlogy 1009-NOV-18
Need Git support.1025-JUL-18
Add Git support1002-JUL-18
Git Support would be nice.1025-JAN-18
Better integration with RedGate,DbMaestro,GitORA etc. would be nice. although we've gone for the migrations approach so not an issue for us.519-OCT-17
TFS would be very useful.915-SEP-17
Another vote for TFS integration1030-AUG-17
Hello! 6 years ago, i asked for TFS support and today i'm checking to see if it's there!1029-MAR-17
Also creating deployment package from repository is important1016-FEB-17
Maybe to begin just a package lock feature like in TOAD : When activated and a developer checks out the package, it locks it then it is only readable. When another open the package, the soft checks if it has a lock if yes it is just readable. Easy peazy When this will be available ?1031-OCT-16
Need GIT support1020-FEB-15
This would make SQL Developer high above other PL/SQL development tools. Very needed.1013-AUG-14
Could we have support for GIT please1029-JUN-14
Keep svn code up to date please. V1.8 is out since a long time while sqldeveloper includes 1.7...1015-APR-14
I am missing a full SCC compatible versioning. currently I am using both Toad ans SQL developer, because toad does have scc integration.1010-APR-14
This would be huge   versioning plsql code should not be this painful...1015-OCT-13
Really needed.1009-SEP-13
TFS support please1026-JUN-13
Include TFS support please1028-MAY-13
(support of svn 1.7 is also important to us)911-FEB-13
Please add MSSCCI so we are not restricted to just SVN repos.1021-JAN-13
absolutely necessary1015-JAN-13
yes   need support for subversion 1.7. Trying to get our developers to use sql developer and versioning is a big selling point since we use svn but we recently upgraded to 1.7 so can't use it.1008-NOV-12
yes ! 1010-AUG-12
Absolutly needed! This finally combines the power of in database development with proper versioning.1003-AUG-12
Absolutely needed, file system based versioning for databases is just a no go!903-JUL-12
very useful1010-MAY-12
Very much agree!1007-MAR-12
Not implemented in 3.0. This is very important to allow Oracle development to move into a fully version controlled environment like most other languages.1022-SEP-11
Extremelly necessary!1006-SEP-11
This would be very helpful1016-FEB-11
This would be great. We are looking to implementing Subversion for PL/SQL versioning with Oracle SQL Developer fall 20101030-JUN-10
It seems so easy to implement a solution to integrate package/DDL code with versioning support, and it would be so crucial for development.1025-MAY-10
This would be awesome, I use Visual Studio for development, and it would be great if Versioning commands worked on the Connections Tab, so that when I go to edit a database object, it prompts to check out etc.1004-MAY-10
Would be very useful1027-APR-10
Would really like this feature.1016-MAR-10
Great idea. It would be very helpful.1005-FEB-10
Definitely need this feature asap.1013-JUL-09
I have been asking for this from day 11029-MAR-09
Very useful. Made some first steps in implementing it: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=854014&messageID=3248519#32485301001-FEB-09
Would be very, very useful to me.1001-OCT-08
would be very useful.1030-JUN-08
Very very usefull1030-MAY-08
Would be really nice829-MAY-08
Sounds difficult to implement, but should you achieve this, people will just love you :)1020-MAY-08
Very Hard to realize, but very, very useful!1020-MAY-08
I think source control on DB objects will be difficult and an overhead. But an easy way to compare version in source system and DB would be great.1016-MAY-08
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