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We still use Oracle Designer because we need this feature.1024-APR-18
A must have!1001-MAR-18
We still use ORACLE CDM (custom development methodology) for implementing business rules within a table API. This way, business rules are checked no matter what input program is used, whether a custom application in Forms, JDeveloper, SQLPlus, Toad. Still very usefull but Designer has been obsolete since .... 1022-SEP-16
This is very useful1004-MAR-13
Generation of Package API for each table would be very useful.817-JAN-13
This would be awesome!1015-DEC-11
When choosing for this approach, generating TAPI's based on a model would be a valuable feature.1011-MAY-11
The absence of generated table APIs is probably the primary reason why we're still using Designer instead of the Data Modeler. I'd prefer TAPIs to be available from within the core SQLdeveloper product.1025-APR-10
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