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Tree view is useless for large number of DBs*Schemas*Objects. Too easy to get lost. Schema Browser is incomplete   can't browse PACKAGE BODIES, for instance. Need a better organization for large number of schemas before we can switch.1005-MAR-19
I vote no. I don't want a tabbed interface to intrude on the product. The explorer interface is good and tabs would take way too much space.110-MAR-15
One of our main reasons for holding off so long on switching. Current implementation is a drop down int, not tabbed.1012-DEC-14
Rejected!! Pfft. The tree veiw is very unweildly. It is short sited to to reject this suggestion.1013-MAY-14
THIS IS A MUST HAVE, in my opinion. I would weigh it above any other feature. It is just extremely painful (and unproductive) to go on clicking endlessly through infinite number of trees... which very very quickly get out of control because screen has a limited space. It is quite a waste to have to do those thousands of unncecessary mouse clicks day in and day out! Perhaps the decision makers are being too egoistic because this is the Competitor's feature?!1025-APR-13
The current object browser interface is difficult to use. The TOAD object browser UI is much better.1001-JUL-12
Rejected? Why? One of the top rated requests?1017-JUN-12
It solves the painful scrolling when a schema is expanded. Also, search by typing jumps and annoting. Tab for each type of objects, filter for each tab would be good UI like TOAD.1022-MAR-12
This is the only thing stopping me from switching from TOAD to SQL Developer full time.1021-MAR-12
This would be very handy and I would wish for Toad a little less.817-FEB-12
I vote against this feature, as I find the Toad multiple tabs interface confusing and stealing too much space on the application window. A tabbed interface should be normally static and should present to the user not more than 6 8 tabs maximum, while on Toad you HAVE to SCROLL to find the tabs you are interested in!!!! That's madness!!!107-NOV-11
The tabbed interface of the Schema Browser in TOAD is excellent for quickly navigating around objects and should be replicated in SQL Developer931-OCT-11
This would be a great option to have, especially for developers (non DBAs) who often use only a handful of the 24 types of objects in the tree view.1027-OCT-11
The current navigation tree works fine for me and I would like that efforts are spent for other feature requests.125-OCT-11
Would be OK but I would prefer other enhancement first.126-SEP-11
I really love the Tabbed feature of Toad, with my new assignment, they are not buying it so I have to use SQL Developer, it is great, except the Tree view killing me when you got 700 Tables and then to look for indexes under it and open QA/DEV/Prod, you are totally lost. Please consider the Tabbed Navigation.1021-JUL-11
The TOAD browser with four dozen tabs is nonsense; the tabs consume more space thant the objects. The one with the object type pulldown list is great. SqlDeveloper already has that, but it needs to be extended.104-JUL-11
Very little useful unless you are used to it in Toad. You just get a very confusing bunch of tabs, and the more the Oracle features, the more tabs which leave a very small space for the element list. DBAs should never design a GUI ;)117-JUN-11
Must have feature, tree view is wasting my time. I should be able to SWITCH USER schema. In our system the objects are under another user, not the userid which is used to connect to database.1001-JUN-11
Tabs are far better. Tree view dosn't work well at all.1020-MAY-11
I vote no. I don't want a tabbed interface to intrude on the product. The explorer interface is orderly and preserves context.116-MAY-11
Would make it much easier to use; and to get other staff members to move away from TOAD.904-MAY-11
Toad is here the much better one. i use sqldeveloper because i cannot use toad.1016-MAR-11
I agree with the general sentiment that the tabs in TOAD are far superior to the tree view in SQL Developer.1012-JAN-11
about my biggest irritation with sqldeveloper that has otherwise grown to become a very respectable tool   mostly obvious when you have several active connections or schemas...817-NOV-10
I really like having the ability have multiple tabs under a connection. This is very helpful when developing. That way when I am working on something I can keep the same worksheets connected. So I might have a PL/SQL procedure on one tab. Then with subsequent tabs on a connection I will have select statements and update/delete statements. I can run my PL/SQL. Then see what I created with my procedure or reset the data etc... 1002-NOV-10
In big databases and in big number of connections this will make navigation a lot easier1027-OCT-10
I want the feature, as do the vast majority of developers who voted. As it was first requested 4 years ago and is still under consideration I suspect we won't get it. I will vote with my feet and go back to TOAD.1010-SEP-10
Please provide the 3 options that Toad has for this: Tree View, Tabbed and Drop Down. That way everyone will have the interface that best suits their needs/preferences. I prefer Tabbed.1013-MAY-10
This would be a very useful feature.. I miss this after moving to SQL Developer from toad1006-JAN-10
In my opinion the Tree view is very hard to use it when you have multiple schemas/objects. This is the main reason for which i didn't migrate completely from Toad. Is A Must Have feature   basic one.1018-NOV-09
The tabbed (instead of a tree) object browser is what caused developers to move to Toad from SQLNavigator. Very important 1012-NOV-09
The Tree navigator is so much more bulky and cumbersome compared to the Tabbed style like TOAD. This is one of the features that makes me pull my hair out every time I use SqlDeveloper instead of TOAD. 1005-NOV-09
Since I work with databases with many schemas, this would be very useful.1022-OCT-09
This will make navigation a lot easier in big databases1029-SEP-09
Must be optional. I'd rather see developer time spent on the project/favourites (http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=42626:39:2964674135658334::NO::P39_ID:301) concept. Anyone spending time "browsing" objects using the TOAD approach is making life difficult for themselves: use filters or write queries.103-SEP-09
I have a Mac, but I use VMware to load Windows so can access TOAD. I'd prefer to use SQL Developer, but the tree interface is too cumbersome. I use TOAD because it is easier navigating around.1025-AUG-09
This is a major item for me. I rarely need objects within the login schema, and I find the tree structure to be extremely bulky for navigation. The drop down option in Toad is very well done. I hope you can mimic their approach, with an option to use one of several navigation methods. I have a Mac, so I would prefer to use SQL Dev more often, rather than start a Windows session just so I can run Toad. The current tree method is bad enough so that I'm more inclined to use Toad most of the time.1025-AUG-09
It is a must i think. Because if you are a developer which should have to deal with a lot of schemas with lots of tablesi you are lost with tree view.1016-JUL-09
The tree navigator is the biggest mistake in SQLDeveloper   gets impractical pretty quickly (and completely unusable with larger schemas with many objects). Tabbed browser would be a life saver.1008-JUL-09
Please put the customer usability experience first and break the dependency on JDeveloper's way of browsing objects. The lack of an intuitive and easy to use object browser greatly decreases user productivity. Sorry, but the suggested "fix" of filtering schemas in the Other Users section is an inelegant band aid.1008-JUL-09
this is a MUST HAVE feature. The schemas i work with have 100's of objects, and it takes forever to navigate around between object types in a list. The schema browser must support tabs and inline filters for me to use this instead of TOAD.1026-JUN-09
I need it badly. Please realize it soon. I don't think I miss any other feature of TOAD as compared to this. You can provide a drop down for all schemas in an instance and then user can see their objects in next tree/tab view 1031-JAN-09
Would be extremely useful, but I guess you can work with anything given time. The option would be nice.921-NOV-08
I know this has been rejected, but the tree is really cumbersome when you're dealing with multiple databases and schemas. Something needs to be done to make getting around in the navigation window easier.1010-OCT-08
+1 for me1003-JUL-08
even though this is rejected we pleed you to reconsider ....1008-APR-08
I like the option to select from Tabbed/Tree/DropDown list in schema browser. It dropDown comes in very very handy with big databases with many objects.1019-JUN-07
I am a dropdown fan myself not tabbed, but if you give everyone an option nobody will pick the tree and everyone will be happy ;)1031-MAY-07
A must have. The tabbed interface of the Schema Browser in TOAD is excellent for quickly navigating around objects and should be replicated in SQL Developer.1017-APR-07
This would improve ease of use and efficiency navigating among different object types.1011-MAR-07
My developers and I like the tree structure. The idea of making it an option for either the tab or the tree structure would be my preference.316-FEB-07
The tree approach is very cumbersome when there is a large number of DB users and objects.1008-FEB-07
You could improve it even further with the ability to open the node (and its subtree) in new tab. Like right click on db connection, "Open in new tab" and you have a tree limited to that connection. Or use it on packages and you get tree limited on all packages from particular connection and schema. With popdown menu to select schema / conncetion / object type, this would be a killer feature and goodbye to scrolling of very long, long tree : ) Speaking of Toad, I also like its feature with "Filter" text entry right in navigator window. No need to right click on object.1027-JAN-07
Working with multiple connections/databases/users, you soon have to scroll for ages, and often find you've selected someone else's object (if that object exists in multiple connections/databases/users). Note that this means having a tree with objects inside every object type tab.913-DEC-06
Yes, it would be very helpful. But as a option. The user then could choose the the tree or tabs.1003-NOV-06
I think that having the OPTION to view it either way would be better than deciding on one way over the other... TOAD actually has that ability.1002-NOV-06
MUSTMUST have (score=100). Please realize it soon. Working with 1.000 Objects or more and filtering all the time just to limit the tree output isn't very handy.1031-OCT-06
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