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Our Company (ORACLE Partner) migrated all development projects to GIT last year and we're having issues with reoccurring FKs in our models which we are sharing with GIT upon multiple developers. First we thought that the automatic merging of the xml File Tree (the saved project) was quite neat and transparent, but then the mentioned problems occured PLUS H.Helskyahos strong recommendation to NOT share dm projects through non native VCSs because of problems and side effects. Right now this is quite an unfortunate problem with our work on models. We're in the process of commiting to a modeling tool in our company for the next few years and a native GIT support would definitely put DM ahead other commercial products like Enterprise Architect for example. Is there any chance native GIT support will be included through 2016? Or has this request been put aside for longterm? To be hones: the support only for SVN is pretty outdated nowadays. Do you also see the problems H.Helskyaho pointed out about checking in DM projects in GIT?1022-DEC-15
Until Version 4.1 it's only implemented in the SQL Developer. Please do the same in DataModeler1018-SEP-15
We're planning to migrate from Designer to SQL Developer Data Modeler and from CVS to GIT. This feature is very important for us and i think for many other companys out there !1015-JAN-14
This is really a necessity now, isn't it?1019-AUG-13
We are migrating from SVN to git, please add git support.1022-JUL-13
Definitely YES!1017-JUL-13
Yes, please1016-JUL-13
Git is the present and the future of source code control for most teams. Built in support would be very useful.1018-JUN-13
Yes please!1020-MAY-13
GIT support soon!! Please!!!!1029-APR-13
Git is the next wave of version control. We could use this integration.1010-APR-13
We also now have migrated to git from svn so this would be very useful1002-APR-13
I would very much like to have it, given that SVN support is limited to V1.6 and using SVN v1.7 will create a lot of issues in SQL Developer.1027-MAR-13
Yes GIT, yes GIT like yesterday please.1024-MAR-13
git seems to be the future so it would be nice to have built in support.1022-MAR-13
We have moved away from SVN to git for all new projects. So git support in SQL Developer would be great and could make frequent switching to command line / git gui obsolete.1028-FEB-13
It would be great to have GIT implemented1025-FEB-13
We are moving all our projects from SVN to GIT. It would be useful having sql developer work with GIT too.820-FEB-13
I like sql developer but the development standards require git and the work around's a pain.1010-JAN-13
Good idea. 1027-DEC-12
very useful!!1022-DEC-12
We are also switching to GIT and having hooks into it from SQL Developer would be a great productivity boost1004-DEC-12
Any comments from the team on this at all?1019-NOV-12
Our application vendor is going to be using GIT so this would be of great value to us.1008-NOV-12
my company changed from svn to git1005-NOV-12
A decent integration with git would save me a lot of time fiddling with copy/paste/"Aquamacs magit". Git is far better than Subversion in many ways and it's fast becoming popular.1001-NOV-12
Git runs circles around all other CVS systems out there! Advantages of Git:   local branch(es)   ability to push to legacy systems like SVN, CVS* *=Never used it myself, but I hear it's possible from people who are (stuck) using it.1001-OCT-12
we are moving to Git too coming from SVN, would love support in SQL Dev : )1026-SEP-12
git is better then SVN, and we are switching to GIT, SVN become legacy1020-SEP-12
GIT is a very popular open source Version Control System. It would be very useful to support GIT as a version control system.1020-SEP-12
GIT support would be great1021-AUG-12
Highly Desirable1018-JUL-12
git branch and merge workflow is great once you get used to it1022-JUN-12
I like git verry much and use it on top of another centralized SCM1014-JUN-12
Git support would be very desirable. Most IDEs have it.1008-MAY-12
This is extremely important to the project I'm currently working on and I think it will be beneficial for many developers. 1030-APR-12
Get R Done Dad Gummit.1012-APR-12
We need GIT support ASAP1010-APR-12
git is becoming increasingly more popular1028-MAR-12
Fairly needed nowadays.1027-MAR-12
No git, no use.915-MAR-12
Branching and partial updates locally would be fantasic with the ability to use the git svn features of rebase and dcommit1020-FEB-12
must use git, no choice1013-FEB-12
Yes, yes and yes.1008-FEB-12
This is why we cannot use SQL Developer for production.1016-JAN-12
With added usage of git and the coming of open source git repo's, I think this is an important new feature.1005-JAN-12
GIT support would be excellent.1023-NOV-11
Necessary to maintain relevancy in modern software development environments, as well as open source projects (Github)1003-NOV-11
Our company will migrate from cvs to git next year. Then it will be very useful to be supported.1002-NOV-11
Very desirable feature. We are migrating from perforce to git.1031-OCT-11
Are you kidding me? This is one of the most important version control systems available today. This is a must have feature.1031-OCT-11
It would be helpful as we use Git in our company1018-OCT-11
It would be very useful to support GIT as a version control system.1015-SEP-11
git support would be very helpful1005-APR-11
I'll vote for this because git is extremely good; we use it for all of our Oracle Applications development. 1011-MAY-10
+10 for this. Git is definitely the best (and most popular?) free source control management around.1022-APR-10
I concur, git can be very helpful.1024-MAR-10
Git support would be very nice.1008-DEC-09
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