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So many reqeust and having status reject? Confused1024-APR-20
Should be implemented.1014-NOV-19
This feature should NOT have been rejected! I use this feature in TOAD frequently...for code being deployed to a schema that is not the login schema.1026-JUL-19
We have an after logon trigger. The tree still populates with the objects of the login schema, making them all useless. Coupled with 36 databases, this makes the tree too cumbersome to use. A dropdown or even a default schema would ease better security practices. 1005-MAR-19
rejecting this as very shortsighted. Modern apps may have many microservices each with a unique schema. Developers need to be able to quickly switch default schemas frequently and quickly. "Using a login script" shows that product management does not really understand how the engineers now work. This be a very simple drop down list with a favourties filter.1001-MAR-19
This feature is missing and I don't understand how Oracle developpers have not yet implemented it. Sorry but the average rating is 9.41 with 148 posts since 2006 before I post my comment and nothing is done. The majority of posts that decrease rating are developper's post !!! It is a total lack of respect towards the Oracle community. 1022-SEP-17
I would definitively have this feature or my developers would like to. This seems to be a must have feature as I have a lot of requests from IT people how to circumvent this.918-AUG-17
Would really like to have. It would do things much easier.1012-JUL-17
This is a glaring feature that is missing. Most other competing products have this feature. 1030-JUN-16
Reconsider this or at least provide an easier way to view selected schema objects in the connections tree. 1005-APR-16
*Development Comment <p>Use a trigger* And what if we want to avoid triggers?1004-JAN-16
Absolutely would love to see this. Very handy, quick, very useful, otherwise have to have to constantly set sql to set schema, but then it's misleading what schema you're in at that point, not very intuitive. I see a definite need for this!1017-NOV-15
Developer Comment: "Use a trigger". A login trigger in each database? How would that really help?1026-AUG-15
I highly agree that this should be made available in the product to allow fast, dynamic ways to apply a SQL worksheet to a schema. I have databases that have many duplicate schemas serving different customers, and it would be nice to not have to prefix all tables with hard&nbsp;coded schema names.1007-JUL-15
This should be a basic feature of the product. Developers are stuck using 3.2 with extension 1006-MAY-15
I agree that adding a dropdown to select the current schema provides greater utility, and is far more intuitive, than the status quo. Unfortunately, it appears all but certain that the decision has already been made and is unlikely to be reconsidered.1021-JAN-15
Essentlal, was an extension that did this but doesn't work in new version 1031-DEC-14
I understand the developer comment says there is various workarounds, but nothing comes close to the value of having this as a drop down. I hope this will be reconsidered.1014-JUL-14
Required pls provide the same features as Schmeselect third party extension1012-MAY-14
Valuable feature that is glaringly missing1011-APR-14
Seems so simple, yet so crucial. It's available with the "Schema Select" extension, but since v4 basically broke all the older extensions, it's no longer an option. (who knows if/when that dev will update the extension to be v4 compatible). I consider it so necessary that I've been staying with v3.2 just so I can keep this feature.1017-MAR-14
Since the venerable SchemaSelect extension no longer works in 4.x, this would be a great addition to the application. I'm sticking with 3.x until resolved. 910-MAR-14
Highly needed as we have databases of many schemas but personal accounts.1008-JAN-14
Would be friendly1024-JUN-13
having to issue alter session become more cumbersome, since corporate policy disconnects out session after 10 minutes of inactivity.924-JUN-13
Would be a great enhancement!!!1007-MAY-13
Two things: First, it would be user&nbsp;friendly not to switch schema by means of alter session, because I'm doing it very often. Second, I would be sure which is current schema (if I work in multiple tabs, it is not so easy to handle it). So easier and transparent switching.710-APR-13
Would be a great help.1003-APR-13
Would be really helpful.1020-MAR-13
Not essential but would be very helpful.929-JAN-13
Nice to have. I handle it currently using folders and different connections in the Connection Tab. However only really usefull for DBAs or Developers with DBA like powers. But worthwhile to prevent the mess in the "Other Users" section.807-JAN-13
Must have as default feature. However It's implemented in one of the Plugins called SchemaSelect: http://javaforge.com/project/schemasel1003-JAN-13
I seldom look at my own tables; they are pretty boring. I think the suggestion that someone else made of also having a default schema per connection would be a nice feature.1004-DEC-12
Really useful1004-SEP-12
The Development comment that this can be achieved through snippets is not true as this does not affect the navigator which is what this feature request is all about.1005-JUN-12
Many Oracle Apps SMEs and developers focus on only a few schemas per project so this would be a great option. Thanks&nbsp;1011-APR-12
Would be very nice1013-MAR-12
Absolutely necessary1001-MAR-12
Navigating through the treeview past 100 'schemas' to the owner data schema view is a big usability issue for our devs. 1017-FEB-12
absolutely needed feature1012-DEC-11
This is a critical feature. I dread having to wade through "Other Users" in a large database to get to my tables/views/etc.927-OCT-11
I have a user login and work in multiple schemata. This is exactly what I need.1024-OCT-11
MUST HAVE... In our case all the objects are in another user than the one I login.1001-JUN-11
Manditory when addressing DB2 databases.1019-MAY-11
I would use it511-MAY-11
How does having snippets make the connection tree view show the correct schema objects? I added an "alter session" snippet, but how do I apply it to the tree view's session? A must have feature! The 30 minutes to add this feature from one developer will save eons for the rest of the development community.1005-MAY-11
I have been looking for a feature like this in SQL developer. It would be nice to have it added since I am always writing that ALTER SESSION statement. Each developer has their own username which is used to access the db. Which creates the case for this when all the objects are in a generic application schema.1003-MAY-11
This could be included with the browser schema window. Either as a setting to default the connection to the schema selected there, or as a button to set the current schema to the schema selected in the browse schema window. If the two worked together, it would make my life a lot easier.908-APR-11
Very useful functionality1011-JAN-11
Being able to set a specific schema to use for a connection seems like a pretty standard option.1002-DEC-10
Critical feature! Um, this needs to be the top layer node in the "Connections" tree. See TOAD for details.1018-OCT-10
Useful feature.808-SEP-10
TOAD has this feature and it would make SQL Developer an even better alternative.1028-MAY-10
This would make SQL Developer a lot more convenient to use and more on par with Toad and other products available for Oracle. The current method of showing *ALL* the objects for the schema for the user connected to the database, and then having to expand "Other Users" to get to any other schemas, is extremely unwieldy, especially when *ALL* of the tables actually used are located in a different schema, which is commonly the case. The current method might be useful for ad&nbsp;hoc stuff, but not for actual databases used in production environments.1012-MAY-10
Very Good feature to have1007-APR-10
Having a dropdown to choose the current schema from is an absolute must. This is currently the only feature that prevents me from using sqldev. I usually log in to the database with a dba account and have to work in many different schemas. All code (SQL, PL/SQL) I write has never a schema prefix, as it must run in different schemas. When opening a file with PL/SQL code (e.g. from svn), it is not currently possible to set the current schema for the compilation. When issuing an "alter session set current_schema" command, the selected schema in the dropdown must change as well.1010-FEB-10
very needed1011-JAN-10
it should be useful1024-NOV-09
Yeap nice indeed.1019-NOV-09
I would say this feature is a must have. Would be very useful to set a default schema every time i open a connection and to be able to select schemas as we can do it on Toad. Many times i had to open multiple "Schema Browser" to compare some code. 1018-NOV-09
I need this so that I can easily change schemas to the ones that hold the application code. Security prevents me from logging into the database as the service id. As such, I must change the current schema using an alter session statement in every worksheet if I need to do anything with the service id's objects. Toad has this and I think it would be very beneficial for SQL developer.1006-NOV-09
Very useful feature.1004-SEP-09
Very nice feature to have.1016-JUL-09
Instead of choosing the schema how about using the ALL_object views, e.g. ALL_TABLES instead of USER_TABLES. A filter can be applied to see the only one schema if wanted. Explanation. I have users that only have access to a READ_ONLY user (only select rights on tables in many different schemas). They see no tables in this schema and complain that this is possible in MS Access. 803-JUL-09
I stumbled upon this feature request while looking for a way to make it easier to look at tables in other schemas. This has been a real pain in using SQL Developer, especially with hundreds of developers, trying to navigate to the application&nbsp;specific schema.1028-MAY-09
very useful1027-MAY-09
very usefull1004-MAY-09
It looks like there are two or three different requests here. 1. Add dropdown to sql worksheet to change schema. 2. Add schema to connection dialog and show tables etc at root instead of Other Users. 3. Add filter to connection node and/or Other Users that allows user to specify schema(s) My scenario is that we're given a personnel logon and are typically working with a specific application and must always navigate to Other Users. I vote for number 2.709-APR-09
My need is for the Object Navigator is use the current DEFAULT_SCHEMA. Or to be able to open an new Object Navigator window that does. I'd prefer to be able to set and change DEFAULT_SCHEMA in session either in an SQL worksheet window or as a right&nbsp;click option in Object Navigator. But setting it at the connection would work.911-MAR-09
Very useful feature!928-FEB-09
I'd really like to have an additional drop down to select the current schema.1004-FEB-09
I agree that this is important. I use one schema the whole time but it's not my default schema and I cannot change my permissions.1022-JAN-09
It is the one issue that prevents dept&nbsp;wide use at my site. Being able to specify a default schema on the connection details would be the icing on the cake.803-DEC-08
toad, golden and others have a dropdown box listing the schemas. This makes it easy. This can be saved with the SQL Developer connection info so that you don't have to do this every time. I tried to do alter session set current_schema, but this does not affect what is show is the tables list. This is not adequate. I don't see what snippets has to do with this.1005-NOV-08
Would be great to get this available on the connection definition window, but really want current schema to affect the details displayed in the connection navigator as the current schema's objects904-NOV-08
This i a very important feature for database with tons of schemes/users. Although there is a workaround using snippets, it would be alot more user friendly to just add this option when creating a new connection.1029-OCT-08
Would like to see this addition. It would come in very handy for us Peoplesoft users who must connect as own user, but spend all there time in sysadm schema.1015-OCT-08
Yes please. This would be much easier than going through other users.801-OCT-08
Add an ability to define a filter on schemas, so that only the schemas you are interested in show up in the lists/navigators. 630-SEP-08
on some of our servers we have hundreds of schema's &nbsp; so having to scroll down all the time is a real pain. 1012-AUG-08
This feature could be the one thing that will make my customers choose TOAD over SQL Developer. Each user must have an Oracle ID, but all access data on one production schema. (Users schema are always empty!)1007-AUG-08
Yes, it would be a nice feature to have.1030-JUL-08
It would be very nice to be able to "See" these schema_owner's objects in the navigation tree when using the alter session set current_schema = ... syntax!928-JUL-08
Setting a default schema as part of the connection properties is an excellent idea.1005-JUL-08
Just add a text box in the connection creation window to enter a default schema. This gives you the option of connecting to a different schema than the one related to your personal user account. This way if you connect as user ABC you can still connect directly to a default schema of XYZ. At our organization of hundreds of developers and users we login user our personal user account but do all our work in an application specific schema. When creating a connection definition in SQL Developer we would include the database, our user account/login information and the default schema would be the one for the application we are developing or maintaining. This default schema would be the one who's information is displayed in the primary tables, views, packages, etc. at the root of the connection tree display (rather than having to select a schema from the hundreds of entries in the "other users" folder).1024-MAY-08
Would be nice to have this TOAD like feature, for the schema selections. It oftes takes lonjg time to switch when you have multiple accounts.708-APR-08
You may need some additional privileges but you could use an after logon trigger to set current_schema as another schema by default. using ALTER SESSION SET current_schema=otherschema from: http://www.oracle&nbsp;base.com/articles/misc/SchemaOwnersAndApplicationUsers.php 621-MAR-08
When a default schema is specified or the schema is changed update the object browser so you don't have to go to the 'other users' section to view the objects.1007-DEC-07
Yes, I think this will be extremely useful.1030-OCT-07
I would definitely like to see this feature. In virtually every Oracle db I work, I must change the default schema. I've created snippets, but it's a bit cumbersome. I'd love to see both a "Default Schema" option for a connection as well as a schema drop&nbsp;down.1010-OCT-07
This would be very helpful.1008-OCT-07
Working with database where many schema are available are really pain in the neck; accessing them throw "other users" are possible solution but far from being elegant, neither being quite useful.1009-AUG-07
This would be a great feature to add. I have been trying to import from Excel and when SQL Developer creates the insert statements, it doesn't append the schema name to the table so the import fails. It only works if you are logged on as the owner of the table.1019-JUL-07
Yes, you can work around this but it would be a useful addition.713-JUL-07
I would like to see a default schema implemented as part of the connection properties. That would give access to the objects in the object navigator and allow schema switching by the connection chooser drop down in the upper right corner of the SQL worksheets.1002-JUL-07
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